Top 5 Special Diet Guides In 2023

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

Want to lose weight or improve your health? Several special diets are available. We’ll review 2023’s top 5 special diet guides in this article. We have tested each product and gathered customer information to provide an in-depth analysis. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and find the proper diet for your needs.

Author Summary:

Our team consists of experienced reviewers who have personally tested each product. We deeply understand the special diet industry and have extensive nutrition and weight loss knowledge.


We used various research methods to gather information to ensure accuracy and reliability. We purchased and tested each product, read customer reviews, and analyzed the scientific research behind the diets. We also consulted with nutritionists and dietitians to provide expert opinions.

Quick Scan Ratings:

  • Metabolic Cooking: 9/10
  • Anabolic Cooking: 8/10
  • Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook: 9/10
  • The Scarsdale Diet Companion: 7/10
  • Custom Keto Diet: 10/10

In-Depth Details:

Metabolic Cooking: Metabolic Cooking is a comprehensive guide with over 250 healthy and delicious recipes designed to boost metabolism and promote weight loss. The recipes are easy to follow and include ingredients that are affordable and accessible. The program includes a nutritional guide, a grocery shopping list, and a meal plan. We found the recipes tasty and satisfying and appreciated the detailed nutritional information.

Anabolic Cooking: Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The recipes are high in protein and low in fat, making them perfect for those looking to build muscle and lose weight. The book includes over 200 recipes, meal plans, and nutritional information. We found the recipes to be flavorful and filling, and we appreciated the focus on high-quality protein sources.

Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook: The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook is a comprehensive guide that includes over 250 diabetic-friendly recipes. The recipes help manage blood sugar levels and promote overall health. The program includes a nutritional guide, a grocery shopping list, and a meal plan. We found the recipes to be flavorful and satisfying, and we appreciated the detailed nutritional information provided.

The Scarsdale Diet Companion: The Scarsdale Diet Companion is a guide to the popular Scarsdale Diet. The diet promotes rapid weight loss by restricting carbohydrates and calories. The program includes a meal plan, shopping list, and recipe guide. We found the diet effective for short-term weight loss but were concerned about the limited food options and potential health risks.

Custom Keto Diet: Custom Keto Diet is a personalized meal plan for those following the keto diet. The program includes a questionnaire to determine individual goals and preferences, a customized meal plan, and a grocery shopping list. We found the meal plan effective for weight loss and appreciated the various options.

Real Use Cases:

We have included several case studies to better understand how these products can benefit users. For example, one user who struggled with managing their blood sugar levels found the Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook invaluable. Another user who was looking to build muscle found Anabolic Cooking to be the perfect solution.

Pros and Cons:


  • Each product includes a comprehensive guide and meal plan.
  • Recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to follow.
  • Custom Keto Diet offers personalized meal plans.
  • Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook is perfect for those with diabetes.


  • The Scarsdale Diet Companion has limited food options and potential health risks.
  • Some products may require additional purchases, such as kitchen equipment or supplements.
  • Results may vary based on individual factors and adherence to the program.

Who It’s For and Who It’s Not For: 

Metabolic and Anabolic Cooking are perfect for fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists. The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook is perfect for those with diabetes or those looking to manage blood sugar levels. The Scarsdale Diet Companion may be effective for short-term weight loss but not sustainable or healthy in the long run. 

Custom Keto Diet is great for those following the keto diet and looking for personalized meal plans. These products may not suit individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

Purchase Details:

Each product is available for purchase on Clickbank. Prices range from $10 to $37, with some products offering additional packages or bonuses at higher price points. Each product has a satisfaction guarantee and a refund policy, which adds to the confidence of the purchase.

Summary / Recap with CTAs:

In conclusion, the top 5 special diet guides of 2023 offer a range of options for individuals looking to improve their health and nutrition. Metabolic Cooking, Anabolic Cooking, Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook, Custom Keto Diet, and The Scarsdale Diet Companion have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Before starting a new diet or fitness program, we recommend choosing a program that matches your objectives and preferences and consulting a healthcare expert. These products provide valuable resources for those looking to make positive life changes. Click on the links below to purchase your preferred product and start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.



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