Start a Targeted News or Blog Site

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2022)
Start a Targeted News or Blog Site

Have you ever had an opinion about something but found that your favorite news sources disagreed? Or you’ve found yourself interested in a niche topic but need help finding good content online.

If you’ve ever wished for a news or blog site tailored to your interests, this article is for you! Starting a targeted news or blog site is easier than you may think.

Some of the most popular news and blog sites are highly targeted websites that cater to a certain kind of online reader.

More specific websites are more likely to draw traffic from search engines, more likely to be passed along within a community, and also more likely to attract advertisers willing to pay higher prices than websites with a more generic focus. Here’s how to start a targeted news or blog site.

Select a Specific Topic or Area of Interest

The more detail, the better. A blog on “raising venture capital for an internet business” would be a more focused topic for a website than the more general topic of “online business,” which is a market that is already highly competitive.

You are also able to target particular locations. For instance, there is a very good possibility that the “San Francisco Restaurant Blog” will become widely known throughout the SF foodie network.

Stay on Top of Current Events in Your Field

If you maintain a blog devoted to a particular subject, staying current with developments in that area is an absolute must. This can be accomplished in a few different ways.

You should first sign up for RSS feeds from all of the relevant blogs in your field. You should be the first to know each news item posted on these sites.

In addition, you can keep up with websites that are not blogs by using a news and website aggregator such as Your Version.

Write With Your Own Unique Perspective and Insight

Express who you are and what you think by letting your individuality shine. People choose blogs not so much for the news they deliver as for the personalities of the people who write them since the topics being discussed have been exhausted so thoroughly in many markets.

Of course, you still have to deliver Grade A content. This typically takes the shape of your own personal observations rather than only providing factual information.

The website known as Rich Jerk, is an excellent illustration of this. There is nothing new being taught by The Rich Jerk that members of the internet marketing community do not already know. In point of fact, it is highly fundamental knowledge.

However, because his personality is both engaging and offensive, people can’t help but read the entire page, and by the time they’ve done so, they feel they have no choice but to make a purchase.

Apply Proven Marketing Techniques

Optimize your website so that search engines can find it. Get the ball rolling on creating an email list. Find other people in your field interested in forming partnerships with you.

To monetize your website, add Google AdSense as a first step; moreover, consider the amount that other people would be prepared to pay for ad placement on a renowned website within a particular sector.

For instance, if you own a website focusing on health, you might receive $5 CPM from Google. However, an advertiser who views your website as a strong branding opportunity and wants to be connected with it may be willing to pay up to $15 CPM and even more in some cases.


Starting a targeted news or blog site is a great way to build an online presence and attract a following. You can establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry or niche by providing quality content that appeals to a specific audience. Start a news or blog site to establish a reputation for yourself online.

Building a good reputation in an industry is made much easier by launching a news or blog website geared explicitly toward that business.

You can generate more money than you might with a more general website and do it with less effort.


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