Join a Yacht Club

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2022)

You are not the only one if you either already have or discover that you are developing a genuine curiosity and affection for boats and the yachting lifestyle.

When you start using your new yacht or regularly chartering it for a weekend of luxury or a memorable vacation, it is easy to fall in with a society of yacht owners. In this society, you can share your enjoyment of these exceptional boats and learn from each other simultaneously.

Yacht clubs are one method for people interested in yachts, whether they own one or not, to get together regularly and discuss topics related to their shared passion in various environments. Even if you do not currently possess a yacht of your own, obtaining an invitation to yacht club meetings is not difficult, which will only serve to stoke the fires of your passion for sailing a boat.

At yacht club gatherings, people who enjoy luxury yachting on a motor yacht, those who love sailing, those who own yachts as big as cruise ships, and those who are into yachting for the thrill of yacht racing are frequently mixed. This is one way that information about yachting spreads quickly and is almost viral.

In this way, even if your addiction is to luxury yachting, you can find yourself a guest at a yacht race and get the thrill of that lifestyle in your blood by socializing with yacht racing enthusiasts. You will have a completely different perspective on yachting after seeing ships that have been tailored, kept in trim, and ready for high-speed racing. Before this, you may have thought of your yacht as a place to relax and sail the seas at a leisurely pace.

Similarly, if you are solely interested in speed yachting, you may only perceive boats like racing horse owners see their thoroughbred animals. But if you “rub elbows” with people familiar with the pleasure and excitement of sailing aboard a luxury boat, you will know that they are fascinated by your way of life and ready to share theirs with you.

Therefore, if you buy a couple of tickets to the next major yacht race for a weekend aboard a luxury yacht, you will have a new respect for why those large, lumbering vessels constructed for comfort and not for speed are so alluring. This exposure may lead to yet another area of yachting in which you may like to own a part to make your next significant investment in a yacht. This is true for those who enjoy racing yachts and those who want luxury yachting.

Yacht clubs are also an excellent way to learn about new locations and unique theme yacht excursions that you may want to check out the next time you arrange a yachting holiday. You may have never thought much about the possibility of chartering a yacht and sailing around the British Isles for a vacation.

This would allow you to combine your passion for the luxury of your yacht with an exciting trip during which you’d get to see some of the most interesting historical sites and experience some of the best cultures in the world. Therefore, while you listen to other yacht owners “brag” about their most recent exciting voyage, you may make mental notes and open up new avenues for how you might keep your passion for sailing feeling fresh and exciting year after year.

When the yacht club members gather for a meeting, it’s not uncommon for the event to occur on one of their yachts or at a site where they can all learn about a different facet of yachting. Because it is so much more enjoyable to explore new yachts with other yacht lovers and to discuss and compare yachts with people who know them and love them as much as you do, holding a yacht club meeting at one of the major boat and yacht shows and expos in town is a great place to have a yacht club meeting. This is because as much fun as it is to explore new yachts yourself, it is much more enjoyable with other yacht lovers.

If you join a yacht club, you should be prepared that other members will use the meetings to “show off” how fantastic their yacht is, and you should genuinely want to see this behavior. Your fellow crew members will respect your views, as well as the fact that you have shown enthusiasm for their beautiful yacht and all of the excellent amenities it offers.

And it won’t be long before it might be your turn to host a yacht club onboard your vessel. You can lay out the red carpet for an exclusive group to admire what you have done to build the dream yacht paradise for you, your family, and your friends.


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