How To Make Money

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2022)

Making additional money online is fantastic. It’s changed how I view employment and revenue prospects for me and others. Working online lets me spend more time with family and work from anywhere. Technology’s progress made internet gigs conceivable. Twenty years ago, most jobs were traditional. Gig workers will exceed regular labor as companies adjust their requirements in the next few years. COVID-19 may have already hastened this. Remember that these side gigs require hard effort and time to grow. Those who work hard, keep focused, and set goals will prosper in the gig economy and online. Here are 87 ways to make money, whether you need to replace your salary or just want some extra cash.

1. Consulting

Consulting lets you offer advice on a topic or niche you know well. In this role, you help people solve problems. Your recommendation can help in finding a solution. Companies pay consultants because they need help or want a faster solution. They want to work with someone who’s solved a similar problem. This means you can monetize your experiences and help others. To be successful in consulting, choose a niche rather than trying to please everyone. This could be business, health and wellness, retail, technology, etc. Ensure you have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for consulting success.

2. GoogleAdSense

Google AdSense lets others use your website as a billboard to earn money. I’ve employed this passive income source on my websites. Google AdSense aligns advertising to your website’s niche and visitors. Advertisers pay for the adverts to reach your audience. Advertisers pay various fees for different ad types on your website. Customize your website’s advertisements to make them more seamless. Further options include ad number, frequency, and payment level. Try Google AdSense’s calculator to estimate your earnings.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another passive income source (a.k.a., make money while you sleep). An internet store compensates you for referral traffic or sales. Referrals usually originate via website contact. Google AdSense works differently with visual ads on websites. Affiliate marketing uses links in the website content. In your blog or landing page text, collaborate with products and services your audience may like. To optimize your efforts, research, measure, and track.

4. VA

As more companies work remotely, virtual assistants may be in demand. This online role varies per firm. It may include bookkeeping, scheduling, and email response. The number of hours required varies, making it great as a side gig to freelance writing or any of our top 100 online methods to get money. To become a virtual assistant, you must be organized and good with time management, have effective communication and interpersonal skills, and know the Internet and online technologies. You’ll need to handle different personalities via instant messaging, email, audio, and video conferences. Depending on experience and organization type, a virtual assistant’s hourly cost is $15 to $30.

5. Courses Online

Online education helps students, professionals, and even CEOs improve their abilities and become more marketable. You may turn your unique knowledge and experience into online course material. Online courses can be lucrative. You can charge upfront for an online course. Or, you might give the training for free but charge for certification or licensing. Offer a free lesson with product purchase. Subscriptions and tiered pricing are also options.

6. Podcasting

People listen to podcasts while working, exercising, and commuting. Podcasts are a portable way to learn, listen to great talks, and be entertained. They’re straightforward to set up and available through podcast directories or applications. Your podcast can channel courses, services, consultancy, events, products, public speaking, books, and content. Depending on your audience’s size and how many money sources you integrate, you can make thousands to tens of thousands every month.

7. eBooks

Unless you’re Stephen King, writing a book may feel thankless if you follow standard publishing. Self-publish to manage your book sales earnings. Self-publishing is easy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Targeted social media marketing, guest blog articles, podcast interviews, and online events or courses can boost sales. You can bundle the book with your services as a consultant to provide value and money.

8. Clarity. fm’s Expertise provides one-on-one business assistance. Instead of starting from scratch, you can make money online faster on this platform. Your client calls are Q&A-style. Your profile can include your hourly rate. takes 15% of consultation call fees, so price accordingly. Also, give the soundest advice so clients will return for more. You can also network on the marketplace.

9. Leads

Online lead collection includes affiliate marketing and other opportunities. Companies aim to identify customers who meet their profile. You can aid them by providing leads that have information about ideal prospects. Online leads can be profitable. $5-$50 per lead is typical. If you deliver many leads, you may charge more. Imagine doing this across corporations. Money adds up fast.

10. Freelancing

Blogs, landing pages, websites, and social media profiles need high-quality content. They recruit freelancers for thought leadership articles, white papers, technical manuals, help desk articles, screenplays, and speeches. Having a team of freelance writers helps companies diversify their content’s “voices” and styles. Many freelance websites provide employment and projects with various companies if you enjoy writing. You could specialize in an industry or business segment. Knowing how to write blog posts vs. social media posts is helpful. Many freelance writing gigs pay by the word, but some pay hourly. Rates under 10 cents per word are the lowest. Some seasoned writers make more than $1 each word. Hourly rates range from minimum pay to $100 based on experience and budget. Look for clients who value your talent rather than those who want cheap stuff. Also, greater rates require more experience. Find freelance opportunities on Guru, Indeed, Pangian, and more. Companies and agencies are hiring more freelance writers than full-time workers.

11. Blog Advertisements

Companies can reach a focused audience with sponsored blog posts. This lucrative content can be monetized in several ways. You can post a sponsored article on your site or write one based on their material. Sponsored material includes blog reviews and links. To win this online work, you’ll need a popular blog. If not, persist with affiliate marketing until your blog grows. Your traffic rate should reflect your influence and domain authority if you have enough traffic. Your pricing should reflect the sponsor’s needs and the work involved. $50-$200 per sponsored post is an example. Before using sponsored posts, consider specific considerations. Google penalizes blogs with affiliate links by lowering their rankings. The FTC now demands you to disclose if you’ve been compensated (monetary or otherwise) by a company you mention. You must balance sponsored posts because your audience may not like them. They’ll feel sold to, which isn’t why they visit your blog. Focus on the value these companies bring to the audience.

12. Webinars

With most in-person events canceled and a shift to remote employment and education, sponsored webinars are a terrific way to generate money online. You can generate money online by organizing a webinar that focuses on your expertise, features a panel of experts, or debuts an online course. Find the best webinar platform to sell tickets and provide a quality online event to make the most of your paid webinar. Maximize revenue by promoting your webinar everywhere your audience is. Finally, create engaging, high-quality material that leaves the audience satisfied. Product demo webinars are usually free to watch with the expectation that you can sell the product you showed. The same goes for an online course’s webinar.

13. YouTube

If you’ve used YouTube, you know how easy it is to watch one video after another, especially if you’re looking for how-to guidance. Consumers and businesses rely on YouTube for visual help, advice, and education. YouTube advertising may be lucrative online. This gig focuses on YouTube videos. You don’t need much equipment or a significant expenditure to create how-to videos. More viewers and subscriptions, more money. Profitability depends on your specialization and product demand. The more you can assist others in fixing, learning, or modifying something, the better your how-to films will do and the more money you can make.

14. JustAnswer’s Expert Answers

The founder of JustAnswer couldn’t get fast answers to a question. It inspired the creation of a website where specialists could answer inquiries in their spare time. Doctors, vets, home repair pros, mechanics, and lawyers are needed. This is a beautiful gig for experts. Answer questions to help others and be paid. You can phone, text, chat, and share papers and photographs to aid someone. You can see the user’s cost before answering the question. Each favorable rating earns up to 50% of the money. PayPal handles payments. You can also help with teaching, assessments, pets, and more. Numerous subcategories make it accessible to many people.

15. Online Communities

Online communities have captive audiences who want to buy from trusted sources. You can monetize these relationships in various ways.

• Organize events and sell tickets/sponsorships.

• Sell community-branded t-shirts, caps, etc. Limited-edition products sell for a premium.

• Offer membership-only custom forums in your community.

• Write a how-to ebook on online community creation and management.

• Sell ad space on your website.

• Manage local job boards and charge to post and browse jobs.

• Charge other brands to access your community.

16. Photographer

Photography may be a hobby and online moneymaker. Companies desire unique visuals for blog posts, articles, landing sites, and more. Stock photos aren’t interesting anymore; thus, they’re out. Viewers like authentic, meaningful imagery captured by artists. Photo sites will pay up to $100 per photo, depending on the location and image—500px Prime, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and SmugMug Pro. You may have a good camera but need other gear to make magic. Invest in picture editing tools to generate more dramatic, edgier shots. See what’s selling on photo stock sites and if you can serve this market. Hot topics will earn you extra money.

17. Copywriting

Freelance writing was formerly a popular online moneymaker. You may question how copywriting differs from freelance writing. They’re often used interchangeably. Some differences exist. These are good moneymaking gigs for writers who know grammar, tone, and voice. Freelance writers don’t work for one company. Freelance writing includes ads, social postings, marketing content, and copy. Freelancers can be ghostwriters, writing stuff under someone else’s name. Copywriting is freelancing. This is writing that doesn’t have an author’s name—website content, bios, white papers, etc.

18. Teaching a Language

More people are interested in broadening their abilities; thus, knowing additional languages might pay off. You may make $10 to $30 per hour teaching other languages on Verbling and iTalki. One of the most significant prospects is teaching English online to international students. Online schools hire English-speaking workers worldwide for $18 to $23 per hour. Most online students are in Asia, so you must account for time differences.

19. Real Estate

You must be well-connected in real estate and property to help wealthy investors find a property. This involves having developers, commercial/residential property owners, real estate syndicates, and builders in your network. A wealthy property owner could hire a realtor instead. Your objective is to find unlisted properties that can make your client extra money. You can use real estate crowdfunding sites to discover upcoming developments and investigate property ideas with corporations and startup developers worldwide for your clientele. Then, present the material and make deals, if needed. You can charge hourly or on commission.

20. Fiverr 

It’s a great side gig as you establish your startups. You may disregard this site because gigs are advertised for $5 or look low. Dig deeper to find speedy, well-paying work. Investing in these gigs can help you climb up their tiered structure and obtain higher-paying opportunities. Pro marketplace brings more online moneymaking potential. How you work with clients on Fiverr varies from other freelance marketplaces. Instead of pitching new jobs, list your skills on Fiverr and wait for connections. You can continue working on other money streams until you find a Fiverr client. You don’t have to negotiate fees and terms because you published them on your profile.

21. Healthy Payments

It’s easy to make money by working out and being healthy. AchieveMint pays for walking, meal tracking, and health surveys. That’s just one platform ready to help you improve your lifestyle. Double victory! Also:

1. Make a contract to become fit and get paid.

2. Fit Crown rewards you for exercising through a series of challenges where you can win or lose money.

3. We Fitter pays you to walk or run, improving your fitness. RunKeeper, Google Fit, and MapMyFitness are compatible.

4. You may be paid to monitor calories, exercise, weigh yourself, and sleep.

5. HealthyWage: A competition-style app that can earn money. You must deposit money in the pot before betting against yourself.

6. DietBet: Like Pact, FitCrown, and HealthyWage, this app challenges you to lose weight for cash.

22. Web Developer

Every business, from startups to large corporations, has a website. Customers and prospective go there to learn about a firm they might buy from or visit. It’s crucial for websites to provide an excellent first impression, or visitors may interpret an unsightly, stagnant, or slow-loading site as a reflection of their experience with you. If you have the technical skills and creative sense to create beautiful, intuitive websites, you can help. Companies without web development abilities hire developers. Average monthly developer cost: $12,800. The average overseas developer makes $4,800 monthly, and some organizations give recurring 20% referral commissions. Freelance sites like Bark, recruiters, agencies, and networking can help you locate work. Create a portfolio website if you’ve designed websites, mobile sites, blogs, online stores, and landing pages.

23. Loan Servicer

Ratesetter, Prosper, Lending Club, Kiva, etc. You can lend directly to borrowers through peer-to-peer lending (P2P). There’s no bank or other middlemen. That’s you. You can do this using a P2P company or platform. These loans provide less paperwork, a speedier approval procedure, and reasonable rates. Lenders get a percentage of fees and interest, which can be more profitable than a savings account. You can fund no, some, or all loans. The borrower starts repaying the loan after it’s funded. You get a payment component (which consists of interest and principal). You can reinvest gains or cash out. Make sure it’s right for you before plunging in. The investment is risky and not FDIC-insured. Your money may be held for 2-5 years. Overall, it’s an excellent way to generate money online with a minimal initial commitment.

24. Interpreter

Google Translator can help in a pinch, but humans are needed to interpret and explain what someone who speaks a different language said. Find and work with companies and clients who need this service. You can also join an agency to gain jobs without marketing. Translation online courses and online schools are other ways to market your abilities.

25. Video Editor

Video content is popular. Companies can hire professionals who can edit and produce videos to create interesting video content. Online video editors can help. According to the BLS, you can earn money by doing what you enjoy. Video editors average $86,830 per year. An entry-level video editor makes $31,940 annually, while an experienced one earns $170,040. $15.36 to $81.75 per hour. Simple video editing projects can be found online for $20 to $45 per hour on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, while more advanced assignments can be found for $45 to $100 per hour. LinkedIn, Mandy, Stage 32, and ProductionHUB hire videographers.

26. Reviewer

Feedback helps companies develop credibility and recognition. Reviews can also help companies improve. Sites pay for your opinion on items, services, and brands. Start with Software Judge, FameBit, CrowdTap, Influence Central, and Modern Mom. You may also give reviews and test things on other platforms to make money online. Swagbucks pays you for an online brand, product, and service survey. You may get money online by testing things and providing feedback., User Testing, and Software Judge are further alternatives. 

27. Dropshipping

Dropshipping may be the only method you need to rapidly gain popularity for its ability to produce enormous money with little work. This online moneymaker allows you to sell practically any goods using a business model recognized by Amazon. Oberlo is user-friendly. Even better, you don’t need to keep and ship merchandise. Start-up capital isn’t required. What’s the catch? This sounds unbelievable, but it’s not. To start, choose a drop-shipping wholesaler or distributor. You market that manufacturer’s products. You’ll need a shopping cart-equipped website. Social media, email marketing, and a blog can help you reach customers. This drives customers to your website to buy—your drop shipper ships orders. You profit from what the buyer pays after delivery and the wholesale price. Profits derive from sales volume. Find a niche with limited competition and expanding demand. Before choosing a drop-ship partner, perform research on the company. You want a long-term, successful partnership with a dropship provider.

28. Amazon Seller

Amazon has thousands of retailers, yet you may still make money through this channel. You may need to spend more work on quality, price, and branding to stand out in this crowded, popular sector. Ensure every sale is a success to enhance your reseller ranking and reach more target clients. Find a low-competition, audience-ready product. Search Amazon to see who sells what. You’ll earn more sales without engaging in a pricing war and advance up the ranks of rated resellers faster. You can also offer a reduced price in a competitive market. The best method is to search ASIN (Amazon Search Identification Number). This database indicates how many merchants are on that ASIN, so you know how much competition you face. Focusing on quality products, Amazon’s fulfillment process and excellent customer service will help you become a top Amazon reseller.

29. Data Entry Keyboarding

Data entry has been a popular side job for years. These were once temporary corporation jobs. Online data input has become a more convenient work-from-home option. This job requires less training, making it suitable. This work only requires a keyboard, scanner, or other input/output device. To make money, you must type swiftly because payment is based on your WPM rate. Upwork is the best place to locate data entry jobs. These sites list outsourced projects. Temporary agencies offer digital and virtual office work. Consider Monster and Indeed for data entry, expert, and operator jobs. Based on expertise and sector, the hourly compensation for data entry is $16 to $22 (US). Stick to trustworthy employment marketplaces and agencies because there are numerous scammers. Check the legitimacy of companies where you apply.

30. Proofreader/Editor

Many authors freelance proofread or edit. Proofreading and editing might potentially provide online income. Proofreaders get $25 to $45 per hour, while editors make $100. As a proofreader, you review documents for typos, misspellings, inconsistencies, and simple grammar errors. A freelance editor adjusts the flow, reorganizes chapters, deletes and revises paragraphs, and more. This might be a nice change of pace for writers searching for something new. Helping people improve their writing can be a pleasant freelancing gig. FlexJobs, Indeed, Upwork, and LinkedIn provide these online jobs. Publishing companies and agencies list these positions on Monster.

31. Transcriptionist

Four techniques exist to generate money online by typing. This list includes many of them. First, data entry is the biggest typist-for-cash opportunity. Jobs are plentiful, easy to obtain, and need the least experience, but they also pay the least. Transcription is another way to make money by typing. Typing from audio recordings includes listening and typing. This includes dictation, conference calls, interviews, speeches, podcasts, and webinars. This profession requires specific knowledge. Legal, financial, and technical transcriptions are examples. Medical transcribing pays well due to the particular competence required. This typing work requires post-secondary training and certification, such as a one-year certificate or two-year associate’s degree. Transcribing a doctor’s dictation for a patient’s record. You don’t use recorded audio, unlike transcribing. Instead, you type live captions. This typing work requires speed, accuracy, and stenography equipment. Offline captioning is available for recorded video. During post-production, captions are added to transcribed video audio. Precision and experience are required.

32. Online Fitness Trainer

Gym closures have raised the demand for online personal training and fitness experts. This model helps you reach more clients than a gym, expanding your fitness and personal training profession. You can grow your online fitness business using several tactics. First, start an online gym. You can broadcast your fitness services on YouTube or other networks. You can publish workout regimens as part of our online studio. You may increase your earnings by offering specialized courses, dietary counseling, and live online one-on-one training. You can charge per course, provide a monthly subscription, or do both. You can sell training programs through your online studio while establishing your fitness brand. Developing an app is one strategy. Your clients may access your online fitness studio anywhere, including on televisions or mobile devices. Your online training can be taken anywhere, which could improve membership. Selling downloadable workout routines and fitness regimens is another cash stream. You may build PDF workout regimens with instructions. These PDF plans include meal plans, tiers, and more. Provides easy-to-follow instructions and access to you for support. This can transform clients into loyal online fitness studio fans. Leverage your online fitness studio brand to become a fitness and healthy lifestyle affiliate. Opportunities include apparel, exercise equipment, aids, food and drinks, vitamins, fitness trackers, watches, and more. You get a portion of every sale. Research affiliate programs and join. You may also open an account on Amazon Associates and start working with fitness brands.

33. Tutoring Online

As more elementary and college schools adopt virtual classrooms, there are more opportunities to instruct online. This job can be soul- and bank-satisfying if you excel in one or more subjects. Students need help with schoolwork, math, essays, and reports. You may need to teach and show examples or offer suggestions on how to improve or where to find more resources. Join an online tutoring company to start immediately. You’ll need a degree, teaching credential, or certification for these professions. Depending on your education, subject, and grade level, you can make $12 to $30 per hour. VIPKid,, Brainfuse, Revolution Prep, and TutorHub hire tutors. Create your own online tutoring business to earn more money. You can make $1,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on your time and client base. You might earn extra by helping with college entrance exams. To find clients, you must advertise yourself. There are many techniques to gain online tutoring clients. To draw customers, establish a website and a social media presence. You may also add a payment option and an appointment feature. Target students that need help in your niche. This includes math, science, English, writing, and SAT/ACT prep. Once you know, you can focus your marketing. Also, offer yourself as a resource to local and online schools. Consider local social media groups to identify parents seeking a tutor. Ask your friends to rate your online tutoring skills.

34. Blogger

Blogging is a reliable internet moneymaker. Despite the rise of bloggers, this internet job remains lucrative. It’s time to monetize your site in several ways. First, add advertising to your blog to make money online. Pay-per-click banners can be placed in your text or sidebar. You get paid for every ad click. Cost-per-impression ads pay a fixed price based on how many people view your ad. This blog revenue booster can be started using Google AdSense, one of my 100 online moneymaking gigs. They help you get started and choose relevant adverts. Infolinks and offer blog ad programs. You can sell ads if you don’t want to use a network. While it’s more labor, it eliminates the middleman who takes a part of the earnings. This advertising includes buttons, banners, links, and sponsored blog entries. Add affiliate links to your blog. For additional details, see my affiliate marketing explanation. By linking to a product or service in a blog post, you can earn a reward if a reader buys it. Your blog can host a digital marketplace. Examples include online courses, workshops, eBooks, apps, plugins, photos, videos, and music. Choose digital products your readers will like. Don’t sell blog readers uninteresting products. Consider your blog a content marketing tool to boost website traffic. Instead of selling others’ digital products and services for a commission, you might market your own. Another alternative is selling memberships where your blog provides exclusive content and important information. Publish great, relevant information regularly for your readers and members. Try combining text and images.

35. Medium’s Partner Program

Medium is a simple blogging platform. Since 2012, it’s given publishers and bloggers another venue to distribute content. Technology, entrepreneurship, politics, culture, and more are specializations. Monthly fees for unlimited content fund the platform. Up to five articles each month are free, but everything beyond that costs a nominal price. Let’s talk about making money on Medium. Medium’s payment mechanism and how writers make money have evolved in recent years. The revised payment model implemented in 2019 makes it easier for new writers to make money. Previously, Medium article claps determined author pay. Reading time now determines payment. Claps are an excellent technique to increase reach, readership, and engagement. First, write blog-style pieces. Medium members read your articles. You are rewarded for these readers’ interest. Non-member viewing time is factored into article payments if the reader becomes a member within 30 days. Medium now updates your earnings daily and uses new metrics to assess earnings. This helps new Medium writers level the playing field. Medium also offers bonuses for posts. Another way the platform promotes high-quality content. Those I know who write for Medium make at least $100 a month, but others make $8,000. That’s a vast range of earning opportunities for something free and easy to join. Medium lets you syndicate your material by publishing there. Medium takes time to build a following, but it’s an excellent method to earn passive cash from your writing and drive visitors to your site.

36. Niche Sites

If you’re an expert, start teaching online to get money. Start a blog to teach others. Consider this blog your specialized website where you share your unique knowledge. Creating and managing a niche website might earn you thousands per month. Earnings can increase when you add passive income choices, such as Amazon Associates (which we previously mentioned). Then there’s AdSense and affiliate marketing. This online revenue generator requires much work up front, but it becomes easier with time. Study niche ideas and keywords and create a solution from an audience perspective. From there, get a domain name, website, and hosting. Other tasks include designing content, monetization, link-building, social media, and a marketing plan. A niche website achieves much. It aids in problem-solving and offers unique expertise. Your article should address a reader’s pain point or problem and how you can help. Research, good content, and marketing are needed. Once you write quality content, you may sell it as an eBook. Online books are eBooks. They’re readable on Kindle, Nook, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. On-demand publishing services and platforms like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and others can help you publish swiftly. If you don’t know what these concerns are, do research. Sometimes you must spend money to make money. You’ll need to perform your promotion, not just rely on publishing firms.

37. Coach

You can make money and serve people with this online role. This can be a fulfilling side gig. Maybe you’ll become a business coach. Business coaches focus on employment skills, career advice, and direction. Coaching requires more than industry knowledge. It’s vital to assist people identify their hurdles and constraints and adjust their perspectives. As a business coach, reading people and understanding their wants is crucial. If you’ve been giving away free advice, it’s time to start a coaching business and monetize your experience. Create a coaching procedure. Define the length and scope of each session, how you’ll teach it, and how you’ll bring customers to their goals. Consider your schedule and other obligations to determine how many video conference sessions you can handle weekly. Establish upfront costs and payments. Consider a set price or bundle deal. Having a website where clients may pay for sessions can also be helpful. Business coaches can make $20-$150 per hour.

Life coaches assist others in finding fulfillment by developing their dream careers, cultivating personal and professional relationships, or resolving mental impediments. Best-performing life coaches specialize in career planning, relationships, wellness, etc. You can hold in-person, phone, or video sessions. Life coaching requires little work. No qualification or license is required. You can become a life coach after completing a training program. Define your motivation, niche, and purpose. Work with existing life coaches to build your program, run sessions, and price your services. Before starting, investigate and gather client-helping information. Learning self-help skills, personal development concepts, and well-being should be continual. Credibility and building a client base may take time. Find fitness instructor or entrepreneur blogs where you can guest post. Tell friends, family, and coworkers what you’re doing. They may promote you and post your information on social media. Hosting a webinar or workshop and speaking at conferences are other choices. You’ll wow potential clients with your knowledge.

A travel coach helps customers achieve life and career goals by traveling. This coaching is varied. You may create clients’ vacations one day and link their goals with places and trip types the next. Travel coaches are sometimes called glorified travel agents. For every skeptic, dozens of individuals have used a travel bus and benefited. Travel has more meaning and purpose. Some people are so interested in learning or social service that experiential travel has become a “thing.” You may help others find locations to reflect, reset, and find their purpose as a travel coach. Others focus on life aspirations rather than career development. No two clients are alike, making this a fun side gig.

Helping others discover direction and purpose can be rewarding. Travel agents can extend into travel coaching, for example. To reach corporate prospects, entrepreneurs, and consumers, develop a website, social media profiles, and networking profiles. The pandemic has made online dating even more vital for those looking for love. It’s now easier to generate money as an online dating adviser or coach. Online dating sites provide a new coaching opportunity. An online dating consultant helps people discover love based on their traits, attitudes, and beliefs. They offer training, consulting, and emotional support during breakups to assist people in returning to dating. These coaches may help people use dating apps, develop beautiful profiles, and recognize unwanted conduct. With an hourly pay of $150, growing your client base can generate big money. Work for an online coaching company or create your own.

Counseling requires more specialized features than general coaching. Communication, empathy, patience, and coaching skills are required. Although no certification is needed, it may be beneficial to get one if you don’t already. Develop a website, blog, and social media profiles to attract new clients. Create YouTube videos, seminars, or workshops to highlight your skills. Consider creating a book or ebook to boost your credibility.

38. Domain Agent

Internet real estate is big business. Domain name purchasing and selling can be lucrative if done correctly. Some domain names sell for over a million dollars, but most fetch hundreds. This online job takes time but can be lucrative. To get started, you may need to buy a portfolio of domains. Be patient; it may take months or a year. These domains require time to appreciate, like real estate. While domain name flipping is conceivable, you may gain more if you stick to Internet real estate. Domain names that depict products or services can make you money. Geographic names, corporate names, and event names are others. Many domain registrars, like GoDaddy, hold auctions, while others broker sales. Example: Sedo. Parking domains with a sale page allow purchasers to contact the owner and negotiate a price. Domain names can be profitable, but they have hazards like real estate. Your money could be tied up in domain names for a while. Domain names can also lose value. Other legal hazards include trademark disputes. Do your study and plan carefully and diversify your revenue.

39. Shopify

Shopify is a famous e-commerce platform that helps businesses sell online. Imagine selling ready-made virtual shops that you can brand. You can promote your e-commerce firm on mobile, web, online marketplaces, social media, pop-up stores, and brick-and-mortar venues. Managing a Shopify store costs money but should be profitable. They offer a

14-day free trial. Paid options may better fit your requirements and budget. You can make a tidy sum from old items, whether your own or thrift stores and garage sales.

• The Lite Plan has a “Buy” button and can accept credit card payments. It doesn’t have a shopping cart or online store.

• The Basic Shopify Plan includes a website, blog, shopping cart, and fraud investigation tools.

• Shopify’s basic plan includes gift cards, reporting, abandoned cart recovery, and unlimited storage.

• The Advanced Shopify Plan contains all previous capabilities, third-party shipping rates, and a report builder.

Shopify Plus includes marketing, design, and 200 TB storage for large organizations. Check Shopify’s website for monthly fees and transaction costs. If you’re still unsure, think about how to use your store to make money. 

• Sell thrift store discoveries and home treasures online.

• Offer freelancing through Shopify.

• Promote a consulting/coaching business or online course.

• Sell art, jewelry, crafts, photography, apparel, and more.

• Start dropshipping.

• Secondhand. You can make a tidy sum from old items, whether your own or thrift stores and garage sales.

40. eBay

The place to sell books, collectibles, cars, clothing, art, and furniture.

Multiple sales options (auction, “Buy It Now”) are available. Do your research on prices, be descriptive, and use graphics to entice readers. eBay has a trending list to find popular things at thrift stores and garage sales. Craigslist is another used-items website. It’s free to list products for nearby buyers to see. In recent years, OfferUp and LetGo have become popular apps for quick sales. Easy-to-use apps list stuff in minutes. These are for local pickups, not shipping like most eBay sales. Facebook Marketplace offers social selling. It’s an online and local sales setup, so expect to meet buyers to deliver things. 5Miles is a local-selling app. Other websites are suitable for specialization. Poshmark sells used designer clothes, accessories, and home goods. You sell to other community members in this peer-to-peer marketplace. ThredUp resells clothes, shoes, and accessories. DeCluttr is excellent for disposing of old cellphones, tablets, and more. Video games, CDs, DVDs, and more are accepted. To boost sales, use a good camera to showcase each item’s appeal. Include sizes and measurements in your sale description to help buyers. Be upfront about defects or wear-and-tear. Ship stuff quickly and safely. Many sites provide review capabilities, so create the best experience to influence prospective consumers.

41. 99Designs’s Graphic Design is unusual since it focuses solely on freelance graphic design. On, designers can work with clients in two ways. Direct client collaboration is possible to complete a project. Or, a customer can organize a contest and open the brief to the entire design community, who then submit their ideas. Design opportunities abound. Logos, marketing brochures, wine labels, and more are showcased on the site. Although most of the website is intended for companies that potentially become your clients, you can join by clicking the ‘Become a Designer’ link at the bottom. Simple registration lets you search for jobs immediately. The client pays upfront for the design. This site gives graphic designers exposure. Many graphic designers have freelanced or been hired by site clients.

42. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you can also work for local companies online. Many organizations, tiny ones, lack in-house graphic designers. Local designers must handle the demand—marketing materials, branding and logo campaigns, labels, product packaging, etc. Behance, Fiverr, Guru, iFreelance, UpWork, FlexJobs, and Indeed have design jobs. Local employers can find you on LinkedIn and Alignable. Even Craigslist provides job listings, but they may be less qualified. Showcase your graphic design work on a website and social media. Pinterest and Instagram are visual-focused social networking services. This lets you pitch local companies for graphic design work.

43. Electronics

It’s hard to envision someone without dusty electronics. Some have more. You can sell your “gizmos” online and make money. While you can sell gadgets on Craigslist or social media, using services that buy and sell used electronics can be more manageable. BuyBackWorld buys electronic equipment. This includes phones, tablets, computers, game consoles, cameras, iPods, and Apple watches. They support Android and Apple smartphones. New, used, and damaged devices are listed. When you submit your electronics for sale, they’ll make an offer. Upon acceptance, a shipping label is provided. They can pay by check or PayPal after receiving your product. SellCell doesn’t buy used phones. They let you compare buyback sites to receive the maximum money for your electronics. The site provides information on cell phones, desktop and laptop computers, wearables, digital readers, and GoPros. Gazelle’s buyback and payout process is similar to BuyBackWorld’s. Upon receiving your used gadgets, they’ll send you a trackable mailing label and pay you by check or PayPal. Gazelle features numerous kiosks. These locations pay immediately for phones, tablets, and MP3 devices. Decluttr was on my list of sites to sell outdated goods online. As highlighted, it pays handsomely for electronics, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. LEGOs and books are accepted. Using their app to scan barcodes makes it easy to see what’s available. You may print a free mailing label or take it to a UPS store, and they’ll cover the shipping fees. After receiving your stuff, they’ll pay you via PayPal, direct deposit, or cheque. Locally, you may also sell used electronics. Best Buy accepts trade-ins. You can also search online for EcoATMs to sell secondhand electronics. Before selling used electronics, back up the data, encrypt it, erase it, and perform a factory reset.

44. Music Teacher

If you teach music privately, in a music shop, or at a school, you probably already have a rewarding profession in music. With the recent epidemic and transition to virtual surroundings, you can exploit this career to generate money online. Create and sell music video courses on Skillshare and Udemy to make money online. These sources provide detailed guidance on course format and development. You can make hundreds for your time. This is one way to make money online. Creating a website is another option. You can offer your skills and experience through videos and a blog. You can also sell your courses on your website. Start a YouTube channel, a popular site for learning skills through videos. Here, you can share how-to videos and suggestions on practicing and developing your music. During the recent pandemic, many kids and adults learned to use Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype. Traveling to students’ homes is time and money-consuming. You can enhance your income by teaching live online. You can work with each student online and provide the same quality training as in-person. You might sell them online if you can generate sheet music or other music lesson materials.

45. Taxi Driver

Uber and Lyft have become the standard for getting around town, whether at home or abroad. Some consumers have been worried about taking an Uber or Lyft during the pandemic, but drivers have taken several measures. Join the platform and use an app to obtain driving gig alerts. After each drive, remuneration is deposited into your account. A driver’s rating and access to premium gigs increase with reviews. Some drivers swear by it, while others say it’s not worth the car wear and tear. There are several ways to boost your Uber or Lyft earnings. The following are some tips. You can recruit drivers for Uber or Lyft with a referral code. You can also make money recruiting for Uber Eats, Postmates, and Door Dash. Leverage employment as a business. You may be smart about tracking revenue and expenses even as a part-timer. Include car wear and tear among your tax deductions. Use a mileage app to track your taxes. You can advertise yourself to grow your clients and credibility as a driver. Blog postings and YouTube videos are examples. Build relationships with riders. Friendly service can boost reviews and attract more riders. When others won’t, drive. Friday nights and weekends are crowded since everyone else is driving. Early morning airport runs, and midday drivers earn more money. Holidays and special events can also boost your earnings.

46. Etsy 

Etsy has been operating for years and is a popular site to buy jewelry, apparel, art, and more. It’s a popular side gig. In the previous six months, the site has attracted greater interest from unemployed people with time to rediscover their hobbies and creative skills. Many Etsy store owners say that manufacturing items for others relieves stress and tension. Etsy requires significant attention and management, unlike other e-commerce platforms where you fill your virtual shop and forget about it until someone orders. You’ll need to spend effort on SEO to ensure potential clients can discover you in this crowded sector, especially now that the site’s popularity is expanding. Do keyword research and shape your content around product-related keywords. Etsy’s resource center offers SEO help. You must also study the competition, experiment with pricing and sales, establish a themed store, and be involved in the Etsy community. Each listing may need tags, titles, graphics, and helpful text. Etsy has moved beyond crafts and homemade goods. You can sell vintage things, plants, beauty products, decorations, candles, and posters. Etsy has listing, subscription, and transaction fees. The subscription price is just for Etsy Plus, which offers shop customization, rewards, and discounts to boost your visibility. Many Etsy shop owners report regular sales as they become established, whether they use the free site or upgrade. Esty shops are easy for e-commerce beginners to set up. Create a store name, logo, product descriptions, and add photos. An Etsy shop, combined with other gigs on this list, can boost income.

47. Society6 and Print Art Monetization

You can sell fine art, photography, and other artistic work on Etsy and eBay, but you may want to use a niche-specific website. Society6 and Printful are examples. Society6 offers furniture, home decor, wall art & prints, clothes, tech, and more. These sites won’t make you rich quickly. Over time, you can make money and build brand recognition in fine art and graphics. When you put extra effort into your work, you can inspire your audience and influence their buying decision. It takes time to create a following and generate revenue on these platforms, so be patient. Once you’re on these sites, most of the work is done for you. 

These sites care about promoting artists. It’s great that these platforms can help artists break into the industry. Both sites include communities to network and get followers. You can get sales from artist referrals, social media promotions, and each website’s visitors. Society6 doesn’t charge fees or commissions. Society6 rewards 10% of your sales. Customize markups on art prints, canvas prints, and framed paintings to make more. Markup item formula: Base Price x (Markup% x (1Discount%)) = Artist share. Printful is unique. They’re a print-on-demand drop shipping provider that works with e-commerce platforms. Shopify, eBay, and BigCommerce are examples. You may integrate your Printful store with these platforms and marketplaces to handle order fulfillment and delivery. Printful charges a flat fee for printing and shipping. With Printful, you can see how much each product and its printing costs, so you can determine your retail profit for each item.

48. Storyteller

Audiobooks are popular for on-the-go learning. You can listen to an audiobook while commuting, exercising, and at home. Audiobooks are popular on cellphones. Audible and iTunes’ popularity shows commercial potential. Many audiobooks use non-celebrity voice talent—audition like an actor to narrate audiobooks. If you’ve listened to many audiobooks, you know the best ones feature energetic narrators who give the words life. Fiction and nonfiction books are included. Practice with recording equipment and focus on breath and voice modulation. Choose an audiobook niche. Specific genres may be of more interest or demand. Be aware that narrating audiobooks might take a long time owing to editing and re-recording lines. To do the assignment, you’ll need a flexible schedule. You can earn up to $200 per hour or royalties. Use Upwork or iFreelance to discover audiobook narration gigs. Voice-over job sites offer book audio narration opportunities.

Recruiters and agencies hire voice-over artists. Voice-over/narration portfolios help you stand out. This could boost your voice-over credibility. Audiobook narration is online voice-over work. Increasing your income is easy. Instructional videos, advertising, movie trailers, and other media are available. Depending on experience and type, you can make $40 to $200 per hour. Some jobs, like a national commercial, can be lucrative. Voice-over artists usually have a pleasant speaking voice or can change it. Accents, other languages, and a diversified approach can boost voice-over work. This task requires a microphone, headphones, and recording software. Some voice-over pros have soundproofed home studios. Many websites provide voice-over jobs like Filmless, Fiverr, Snap Recordings, Upwork, and Voice123 and Voice Bunny offer voice-over opportunities. You’ll have to audition to earn a higher salary. You can network on LinkedIn and develop a website with voice-over jobs to show your range. Demos help voice-over actors get noticed.

49. e-Contests

While it may seem difficult to win money through an online contest, many people have found a way to supplement their income. “Compers” who make money through internet contests have found successful strategies to seek and enter competitions. Some say they enter 100 online contests weekly, but 15–30 may be more realistic. Treat online contests like work. Set a daily time limit. Track your work hours. To separate contest communications, create a different email and SIM card. After entering online contests, you’ll likely receive several messages from corporations and advertisements. This gig won’t pay your mortgage, rent, or bills. You’ll get cash, gift cards, or free stuff. Also, winning these may take three to six months. Use auto-complete to fill out contest forms fast to save time. Linkclump and Split Tabs are useful Google Chrome addons for contest websites. Keep track of contests you’ve won. Learn about online contests from comping community members. Plus, members can share information about new online contests.

50. Surveys Online

Many sites that provide online contests also offer online surveys. Others specialize in internet surveys, product testing, and focus groups. Like online contests, you’ll need to commit time and effort to find the best opportunity. This online cash source is easy, requires only an Internet connection, and requires no expertise or knowledge. You can find surveys in many locations. The wage range makes it difficult to tell the suitable jobs from the bad. Avoid sites that use points because it’s complex and takes forever to gain money. Many polls want a specific demographic but won’t tell you. If the surveys don’t meet your demographic, which you must share before a survey starts, you can’t take them and must hunt for more. There are good survey websites and apps.

Swagbucks: This site includes third-party surveys. Gift cards, prizes, and PayPal are rewards. Pollster: This tiny survey aggregator has an easy-to-use dashboard and a reasonable point value for the time you spend, giving cash payouts more often than other sites. InboxDollars: New users get a $5 incentive because it can take a while to get a payout. Vox: This is an easy-to-use survey website with a scoring system. You can earn more than others. You can spend your Amazon earnings. i-Say: This website exclusively offers. Ipsos surveys: 500 points are worth $5. OneOpinion: This survey site has a screening process, so you don’t waste your time. You can’t cash out until you reach $25, which takes time. MySurvey: This service sends qualified surveys to your mailbox regularly. Like online contests, you’ll have fun, submit feedback, and earn a reward. Think of it as an arcade where playing games earns you tickets, candy, and toys. You had fun and got paid. Be careful with personal information. Never give your SSN or critical information. If you notice you just took a bogus third-party survey, install anti-malware software.

51. T-shirt Business Online

There’s much demand for online t-shirt businesses. E-commerce sales reached $504.6 billion in 2018 and will reach $735 billion by 2023, according to Statista. Apparel and accessories will reach $138.7 billion. Due to competition and new market entrants, you’ll need a good business. Find a specialty that interests you and has a following. A niche helps build a brand and stand out. Create a storefront that looks fantastic, is easy to use, and delights customers. Consider currencies, payments, transportation, inventories, accountancy, and more. Also, decide if you’ll create the t-shirts or use a drop shipper. Printful lets you hire graphic designers and printers. Then, market your t-shirts. You can ask for feedback, arrange a contest, and connect on social media. 

52. Insta-Influencer

With a significant Instagram following, you can become an influencer. If you have a YouTube or blog following, you can make money or obtain free goods by submitting photos. What you make and how easily you get Instagram influence relies on your niche. Fashion, beauty, eating, and exercise are examples. You’ll get compensated based on active followers and revenue possibilities. Instagram influencers have several ways to make money. First, you can make sponsored articles in which you hold or use a specific product. Large-following celebrities and influencers can make hundreds per Instagram post or story. Fohr, Grapevine, indaHash, and Crowdtap also have these gigs. Each influencer marketplace has different rules. Learn how each works and if you qualify. Look at what other influencers do with companies and hashtags, including Instagram’s sponsored collaboration with tags. Become an affiliate. In your bio, include a trackable link or promo code—ClickBank, Amazon Associates, and RewardStyle offer these programs. Promote your products, services, or digital content as an influencer. You can start a store and sell items using your following. While this can take time, it can lead to a regular stream of influencer revenue.

53. Online Researcher

If you love researching online or have written articles for years, you could make money as an Internet researcher. Companies pay for research. AskWonder hires employees from several states to answer client queries. You must search online for answers and then provide a detailed response. Other companies post Internet research job listings on Indeed, FlexJobs, and Upwork. Use “research” and “remote” to find this kind of internet work. Agencies and startup companies may hire you to undertake market research. Legal and SEO research are also in demand. Add a Chrome extension that shows advertising with your searches to boost your profits.

54. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

You can make money online walking dogs or caring for pets while on vacation or at work. Let’s start with Rover, which offers employment for dog walking, sitting, and boarding. This app connects you to local gigs instead of founding your own business. You can start immediately. takes 15% of each booking for its convenience. You can pick app employment that fits your schedule. It’s easy to sign up and lets you establish a profile to stand out locally. List your chosen pricing. Rover will run a background check and provide detailed information, a shirt, and payment alternatives. No dog-walking or dog-sitting experience is required. Rover wants to know you’ll care after their customers’ pets well. This is an excellent way to earn extra money if you love animals. It fits a traditional or freelance schedule. Some dog walkers make $1,000 per month by walking a few dogs. Boarding can bring in thousands of dollars.

Create a dog-walking or pet-sitting business. Those who love animals can care for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and more. Many individuals travel for business or pleasure and worry about their pets. Care for their pets at home or yours to give them peace of mind. Some animals need more care than others, so decide what to offer. Create a business plan that includes your services, pricing, and marketing for your pet walking, sitting, or boarding business. How much time do you have between gigs? Check out the competitors to determine your rate, then advertise offline and online. Create a website with payment integration so clients may pay quickly. Add a scheduling calendar for easy booking. Ask customers to publish reviews on Yelp to improve your credibility.

55. Admissions Essay Writer/Editor

College application essays might be scary. As a freelance writer, you can help. This is a way for English majors, teachers, and freelance writers to generate extra money. You can receive these jobs through academic writing businesses or by advertising online. Submit writing examples and an application to join a service. Each writing service has different terms and pay rates, so join a few. You can assist a student in creating an admissions essay from scratch or amend their previous essay. If you want to start your service, create a website and social media accounts to promote it. You can offer your skills to friends, social media groups, and high school administrators.

56. Contract Customer Service Rep

Many firms are trying to hire more customer service agents and representatives to provide courteous, competent phone support. With increasing tech, these occupations can be remote. Low entry barriers make this a fantastic option to make money online. No college degree and minimal experience are required. No training or certification is required. Part-time or full-time work starts barely above minimum wage. You can be an employee or freelancer. CS reps need a quiet workplace, high-speed Internet, phone connection, software, and a computer. You need soft skills for multitasking, friendliness, patience, helpfulness, and communication. This employment may provide flexible schedules and days, allowing you to undertake freelance work in your off time. You’ll answer questions, solve problems, guide callers to additional information, and handle irate or disgruntled consumers during your shifts. Conflict resolution is crucial. Listen well, talk clearly, and be responsive. Indeed and FlexJobs are good places to look.

57. Social Media Manager

Your social media skills may make you an excellent social media manager. Social media administrators manage a company, celebrity, and entrepreneur accounts. They hire social media managers because they lack the competence and time to administer their accounts. Smaller organizations or agencies use freelance social media managers to create profiles, post material, and reply to comments. An experienced social media manager can earn $35 per hour and $60,000 per year. You’ll be planning content for numerous channels, audiences, and campaigns. You’ll need to employ analytics tools to track social media performance. Graphic design and video editing are vital for social media material. Buzzsumo, Buffer, Hootsuite, CoSchedule, etc., are helpful. To differentiate from other social media manager hopefuls, a certification and samples of your work may help. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Once you know these sites well, you can help your clients with social media. Try LinkedIn, Alignable, FlexJobs, and Indeed.

58. Gift Cards Unused

Many gift cards go unused because recipients forget they have them. Those found can be sold online. Most online platforms charge commissions. Gift card marketplaces like Raise, Gift Card Granny, CardPool, and CardCash are recommended. Platforms, which charge fees, also protect buyers and sellers during transactions. CardKangaroo and ClipKard are alternatives. Try eBay, Craigslist, LetGo, and Facebook groups, but be careful. Many of these sites offer cash or trades. Visit each online gift card reseller to learn about their conditions and pricing. You may sell partially used gift cards online for extra cash.

59. Investments

This is a riskier way to make money, but it’s worth it when savings account interest rates are low. Due to economic uncertainties, the stock market has been volatile since 2020 began. Losses are possible, but so are benefits. You can make money online with an intelligent investment approach. Use Kiplinger, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, financial adviser, and market expert blogs to stay informed. Research companies beyond what investors say. Also, research trading websites before using them. Read what investors have said online about Fidelity, Scottrade, OptionsHouse, TD Ameritrade, and others. Check their pricing, features, and value to see if they match your needs. Once you choose a site, you can open a minimum-balance account. ScottradeELITE and OptionsHouse have virtual trading platforms where you can practice without real money. Read about investing and trading. Talk to a tax accountant about trading and taxes.

60. Digital Online Agency 

Work smarter, not harder, to make money online. Starting a digital agency is one way to do this. You can later add freelancers as a one-person marketing, communications, PR, graphic design, developer, or content company. You can add value by providing extra services to clients. With a team’s resources and talent, larger tasks are conceivable. You may scale the projects and clients you service, improving your revenue stream. You can also join other agencies to earn referral fees for new clients or projects you send them. Cross-product or cross-service promotions can earn affiliate commissions. Starting an online agency is easy with today’s technology and cheap overhead costs. Time management, prioritization, account management, communication, and client and team relations are essential. It’s crucial to know how to handle hiring, training, budgeting, and more, as well as how to develop a digital agency culture. Define your online agency brand, whom it serves, and what differentiates you. These are essential for marketing your agency online and elsewhere. Showcase your digital marketing talents to be hired. Before starting, know what company strategy works and what niche or sectors you’ll target. Decide if you’ll charge clients by the hour, monthly retainer, or project. Commissions are possible. What you choose depends on your agency, industry, and clients.

61. Webinar

Online workshops are packaged and distributed similarly to online courses. Workshops help your target audience by sharing information, but they only serve a local area unless more people sign up. When you attend a workshop online, you can reach a global audience and present to a limitless number of individuals compared to a physical space. Because it’s online and accessible, more individuals may be interested in your workshop. A workshop is less time-consuming than an online course. Your workshop participants can acquire what they need and use it thereafter. With the recent epidemic, more people have been home, expanding your audience potential with more time and Zoom experience. If you’re already working and thriving in a given field, such as freelance writing, consider creating a workshop using your expertise and skills. You can resell the workshop for passive money. Providing eBooks or other products to workshop attendees can boost your revenue. Or include these value-adds in your session to boost attendance. Before starting, be sure your topic is relevant to your audience.

62. Shopping Cashback

Affiliate links for cashback shopping websites and apps can be profitable. The apps are easy to download and often free. It’s sometimes a browser add-on. Sometimes you need to photograph your receipt or goods’ bar codes. Top Cashback,, and Swagbucks are recommended. Members worldwide utilize Top Cashback’s browser extension to get cash back. It has thousands of cashback online retailers. offers bargains, coupons, and cash back at thousands of UK online retailers. Swagbucks lets you earn cash back and gift cards by shopping and offers discounts, promotions, and specials. You earn money by reviewing movies, TV episodes, products, and services. Other cashback programs include Rakuten, Ibotta, Drop, Shopkick, Fetch Rewards, Saving Star, and Checkout 51. Many provide comparable perks but promote different stores, so join up.

63. Sales Commission Only

Commission-only gig jobs abound. It’s based only on sales to the corporation. As a freelancer, you choose your schedule and have flexible hours. You can work autonomously without a boss micromanaging your time. Unlike many other jobs, you can control your income. You must close commission-earning deals. Commission-based jobs have endless earning potential. It’s not the ideal gig, but you can do it along with others. High-speed hustle is needed.

64. Book Sales

Discover the books’ value and where to sell them. Start with and eBay. lets you enter a book’s ISBN to identify its value and the best buyback provider. You can also compare prices at other Amazon used book stores. Craigslist and Facebook groups also have used books. Yard sales and garage sales have good deals.

65. TikTok Influencer

TikTok is a famous platform for sharing amateur viral videos. The platform lets users share short videos online. To become a TikTok influencer, you need popular content, a significant following, and some marketing. TikTok’s technology analyses the videos you and others like and shares related material with you. The platform tracks video views, likes, and shares. TikTok influencers can earn money through adverts and sponsorships. You’ll need to be unique to stand out on a content-filled network. Find your niche. Be creative! If you have competitors, watch what they do to improve. Be consistent. You may then grow a following and monetize your TikTok content. If you want more followers, use hashtags. Live-stream your videos to gain feedback from followers. You can also make money by endorsing brands and products. Depending on your impact and brand, you may make $500-$20,000 for every video.

66. Case Studies

You can sell case studies and marketing advice online if you have marketing, writing, and research skills. You may monetize your experience and skills by helping firms sell and operate ethically, truthfully, and efficiently. To begin, you can work as a marketing consultant, assisting startups and small business owners without marketing departments developing a marketing strategy. High-level marketing advice can be on retainer. Second, you can generate specialist marketing material that needs research, industry and trend expertise, and the ability to tell a story about how your client solved a consumer problem. Case studies help companies show prospects their worth. They’re difficult to write, so firms pay highly for them. Case studies can be paragraphs or pages long, but they all have the same ingredients and process. You’ll interview people who’ve used your client’s product or service. Photos, tables, charts, and other graphics may be needed. You can earn $100 to $3,000 per case or case study. You can obtain writing assignments on freelancing work sites or with existing clients.

67. Websites, Apps Tester

If you love applications and websites or have worked with them, you may get money testing new ones for companies. Startups and corporations want to know how users feel about what they’ve built before launch to ensure they did it right or make necessary modifications. Real users can provide valuable feedback to ensure a product’s success. In exchange, you can test apps and websites. Starting requires minimal equipment and money. User Testing pays $10 for each 20-minute video. Test Birds, a European testing site, TrymyUI, UserZoom, and 99Tests pay you to test software and log defects. TryBox pays up to $35 for every tested and interviewed product. More than 20 can be found with a short search.

68. Amazon’s Master Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a virtual tasks marketplace. Businesses use the marketplace to locate diverse, on-demand, scalable workers, while registered users may find a variety of tasks to accomplish and get paid for. Human Intelligent Tasks, or HITs, are tasks a worker can be rewarded for. Create an account and sign a contract on the Worker website. Amazon Payments allows quick money transactions. You can also get Amazon gift cards. Once you enroll, you may see available HITs. You can keep taking HITs as long as you finish each one. HIT requesters approve your work. You’ll get paid within 30 days. Read and follow the instructions carefully to complete each HIT correctly. You can return incorrect HITs. You can become a Master Worker, a top MTurk worker with the Mechanical Turk Masters Qualification. This takes time because it requires continuous success across multiple HITs. It’s based on results, market tenure, scores, and work.

69. Existing Website Development

Buying an existing website at auction or another web service may include content or be parked. This is a chance to monetize the URL. Depending on the URL’s theme, you can add many things to this list to expand and monetize your site. Monetized blogs, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce are options. You might make it a membership website, online education platform, job board, or business launchpad. You can sell ad space on it as it’s digital real estate. You may also wish to develop social media profiles to drive traffic to your new website. Whatever you do, make it SEO-focused so you can generate traffic.

70. Airbnb

Airbnb hosting is one of the oldest online jobs. The room, casita, and whole-property rental services have grown. COVID-19 slowed bookings, but they’ve already resumed, indicating that consumers still appreciate reserving “home away from home” accommodations for weekend trips, road trips, family reunions, and long holidays. Where you live affects your income. A rural Airbnb will earn less than one near the beach or a tourist attraction. In a college town, parents visiting their kids could be good customers. Use what drives people to your region to promote your Airbnb. You can make hundreds to thousands a month depending on your offer and where you live. You may sell your holiday rental on Craigslist. You take on more risk than utilizing a service like Airbnb, which handles marketing, provides insurance and assistance, and has your back to ensure a pleasant experience for you and your customers. HomeAway and VRBO are Airbnb alternatives. Be careful of the costs of furniture, linens, towels, toiletries, appliances, cookware, food, and beverages. These things must be refreshed and replaced over time, which reduces profitability. These extras can win you favorable reviews and referrals.

71. Remote Part-Time Worker

Many gigs include working remotely for a company, while others are solo gigs. There are many methods to become a freelancer or independent contractor for a firm that is still scaling. You make money here. If you have the expertise, explore these remote, part-time jobs:

• Account management oversees client and account connections for a corporation by responding to emails, calling clients, and delivering product or service information.

• Accounting: Bookkeepers and accountants can work remotely for financial and tax companies. 

• IT: Provide companies networking, security, and remote access support.

• Customer Service: This remote employment entails helping consumers via phone, email, messaging applications, and social media.

• Marketing: Companies require help advertising their brands, products, and services.

• Sales: Companies aiming to increase revenue without hiring full-time salespeople. Creating and converting leads online or by phone from home is easier in the digital age.

• Communications: As more firms understand the necessity for an internal and external communications department, a remote employee can supply newsletter production, portal administration and updates, emails, and more.

• Writing/Editing: Many firm divisions might use your help with scripts, speeches, presentations, articles, reports, and white papers.

72. Rental Car

Turo is like Airbnb for car rentals. You can post your automobile for free, upload images, and indicate its availability. HyreCar, Getaround, and TravelCar are online marketplaces. These safeguard your vehicle’s safety and provide an impartial third party to settle damages. This is a great option to make money if you don’t use your car often or have a different vintage or premium vehicle. This gig earns many people $500-$1,000 per month. SUVs and premium cars earn more than sedans. Before joining up for any of these automobile rental services, be sure you have insurance.

73. Twitch

Twitch is increasingly popular among young people as a platform to establish a following and earn money online. Gamers favor Twitch for streaming. Twitch users, affiliates, and partners can make you money. Become a Twitch affiliate or partner to make money. Many Twitch streamers join Amazon’s affiliate network, which sells gaming-related merchandise. If you’re popular on Twitch, you can sell stuff. If you have a following, you can also attract sponsors who will pay you to market their brand on Twitch. Joining the Twitch Affiliate Program requires streaming at least eight hours in the last 30 days, on at least seven days, averaging three viewers per stream, and having at least 50 followers. Twitch Bits are modest viewer donations. Twitch Subscriptions generate recurrent income because subscribers pay a monthly fee. Twitch pays $1 to $2 every thousand views.

74. Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups can pay $300 per hour. Others pay more. You can review items and services for pay. Companies collect opinions and data to understand their consumers better, create new products, and improve existing ones. Some examples are,, User Interviews, Survey Junkie, and Ipsos-iSay. Less than ten persons are usually involved., Green Books, and Plaza Research list researchers. 

75. Rental Cameras

KitSplit makes camera rental easy. This site rents camera equipment, lens sets, and accessories. Selling items you don’t use regularly can help recoup costs. The platform enables you to make money and protect camera equipment. It’s a community of pros who prefer to borrow equipment rather than buy it. KitSplit members want video and camera equipment for films, TV, and social media. Before lending equipment, the company uses a 40-point risk evaluation. KitSplit verifies renters’ insurance. This site allows you to make money online and get paid instantly.

76. Clothing Rental/Sales 

Rent or sell your clothes and accessories online to clear your wardrobe and make money. Start with selling clothes and accessories. thredUP, Poshmark, and Snobswap are online consignment retailers. Some sell expensive clothes, while others take ordinary labels. eBay, VarageSale, Craigslist, LetGo, and OfferUp are more venues to sell clothes. Social media accounts and groups let you sell clothes and accessories. Use high-quality images, provide informative product descriptions, and set a realistic price. Include brand, size, and color. Garment rental sites include Style Lend, Rent Not Buy, and Rent My Wardrobe. Learn about each site’s emphasis and policies.

77. Notary Online

Notary work can be lucrative during mortgage and refinance times. You need training, but not college. Passing a state-administered exam follows the training. Then you get fingerprinted, do a background check, and receive a state commision certificate. These processes may cost $200 and take eight weeks, but you’ll make it back quickly with notary work. This internet job may be more than a side gig. Part-time, you can make $100 for every file or $2,200 per month. Full-time work will earn you more. It would be best to visit clients to notarize documents; therefore, you may incur petrol and car wear and tear. You may grow your notary business by networking online and offline. Creating a website and social media presence helps speed up client acquisition. Join Alignable and the Chamber of Commerce. Join Banks, mortgage businesses, escrow and title companies, lawyers, insurance agencies, and more need documents notarized. Some states allow notaries to perform marriages as field inspectors and certified signing agents.

78. Garage Rental

You can rent out your garage, just like you can your room, home, or apartment on Airbnb or your automobile. Make sure your garage has a concrete floor, strong walls, and a weatherproof roof to make money online. If you reside in a harsh climate, offer air conditioning or heating. Electricity and water could make your garage more popular. Add bathroom access, and workshop renters will sign up. Before renting your garage, make sure it’s legal in your location, including for renters to paint their cars or use heavy gear. Polish the floors, paint, add a better or more secure garage door and mend anything broken. Depending on how you market it, you can rent the garage by the month or week. Single-car garages cost $125 a month, while two-car garages cost $350. You’ll need to estimate utility price increases to maximize your earnings. Join SpareFoot, GaragePointer, or Neighbor.

79. Trading Crypto

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading have formed a new market since 2008. 2013 and 2017 saw price peaks, but many collapses followed. There are ways to make money despite ups and downs. You can store crypto assets for an extended period or trade them for a quick profit. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies or use derivatives. Altcoin investors can also make money by staking and lending. Participate in a blockchain-based social media site or mine cryptocurrency. Each of these strategies to make money online with cryptocurrency requires research.

80. Mystery Shopping

Shop and earn with many companies. US-based examples include Bestmark, Secret Shopper, Pinnacle, Quest For Best, and Intellishop. Some sites may be for the UK and require UK shopping. Mystery shoppers assist companies in verifying that their employees are providing excellent customer service. Mystery shoppers can evaluate service, food quality, store presentation, and other criteria without alerting staff. Most assignments demand reading what to focus on before shopping. The material explains how much you’ll be repaid and paid for the store and follow-up report. After submitting your report, you may not receive compensation for a week or month. You get free items plus a fee for your time and opinion since you’re reimbursed for meals and clothing. You can choose how many mystery shops to do instead of being required. You can do it when you have gig openings. It’s normal to bring your kids on mystery errands and even preferred when kid products are involved.

81. Sell Your Tax Prep Expertise

You may use your tax preparation talents to make money online year-round. This job requires experience. This side gig requires bookkeeping, financial, and tax reporting. Bookkeeping services can boost your income for organizations, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Then, offer payroll, financial planning, and tax planning. Add real estate brokering, benefits planning, and insurance to your services. Today’s technology makes adding clients more accessible and efficiently completing these jobs.

82. RV Rental 

You can generate money renting out your RV, which may lay unused for weeks or months. You might get cash for your trailer, fifth wheel, RV, or hauler. On average, you can make $100 per night and thousands per year, which can pay off your RV debt and make you money. Even if someone else will drive it and add to the wear and tear, it’s still more profitable than leaving it in your driveway or storing it. Earnings vary per RV type. Class A costs $175 to $275 a night, while B and C cost $100 to $200. Fifth wheels, travel trailers, and pop-up campers cost $50-$150 each night. RVs with additional features can charge more each night. Where you live affects your income. You might rent your RV year-round in California or Florida. Off-seasons in other locations may diminish your revenue. Peak rates can be higher and off-peak rates lower to attract renters. RV Share, Outdoorsy, and Campanda are online marketplaces for RVs. These services, like Airbnb, allow you to market your RV with photographs, descriptions, a payment method and help with any concerns. Consider costs and profits. Maintenance and cleaning fees may apply.

83. TaskRabbit

Join TaskRabbit if you’re handy. It connects people with odd employment. Imagine a handyman market. The portal offers short- and long-term gigs at various prices. The result can be $100-$2000 per week. “Taskers” on TaskRabbit don’t have to sell themselves to potential clients. You can browse jobs and candidates on their website. When you get a job, TaskRabbit deducts a 20% service fee. You need to be versatile and willing to do carpentry, building, furniture assembly, repairs, modest renovations, and more. Various tools and a drive to accomplish a great job are helpful. More of these attributes mean better reviews and more TaskRabbit assignments.

84. Online How-To Videos

Small but easy passive income. DIY videos can make money online. First, you can connect Adsense to YouTube to make money from tutorial/DIY videos. You can sell DIY eBooks, courses, and products through an online store. . You might also promote a service or repair business. This moneymaker earns more than Adsense, but customers aren’t guaranteed. Sponsored content is the best method to monetize DIY videos. This online work pays best if you obtain sponsors and add helpful content for your audience. To secure a sponsor, you’ll need a large following and YouTube subscribers, which will take time.

85. Amazon FBA

Amazon’s FBA program is a great way to start an online business and make money. Planning, executing, and managing cost little. First, decide what private label products to sell. Keep track of trends and upcoming opportunities to stand out and meet demand. Visit crowdfunding sites where people offer fresh product ideas to see how you can support them and develop a business. It would be best to research the audience, trends, environment, and competitors. Identifying high-volume products can also boost monthly sales. Look for partners on Alibaba. You must establish your packaging, design, and brand as a private label company. Some of these gig sites can help. You’ll sell your product while helping other gig workers. Determine your fulfillment plan. You can ship from a garage, warehouse, or third-party fulfillment facility. When you use Amazon’s private label program, you can use FBA. After completing these steps, you can build your Amazon listing. You’ll need quality photographs, a listing headline, and a description. Keywords are essential if you want to get found. From there, Amazon takes over. You should still use Amazon PPC to optimize your results, where you can bid on “sponsored advertisements.” Pricing and product mix may take time to get right, but this business can bring you a solid profit along with the others on this list.

86. Runners

With a home-based work environment, viruses like COVID-19, and hectic schedules, more people are using errand services to get groceries and bring food from restaurants and cafés. Instacart, Shipt, Postmates, Door Dash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub provide flexible part-time jobs. You can sign up for gigs using apps and collect a fee and tip from customers. The more gigs you take, the more likely you will get premium orders. This may take several orders and outstanding service to achieve. This profession requires no special skills, just good service, friendliness, and efficient communication. Other than vehicle wear and tear, overhead costs are low compared to prospective earnings.

87. Babysitting/Childcare is a fantastic service to join if you can monitor other people’s kids or pets. One-time babysitting, daycare, weekend, or regular nanny services are all choices. The site includes pet-walking and pet-care gigs. Local gigs pay decent hourly wages. Depending on the gig, location, and the number of children or pets you’re requested to watch, hourly wages range from minimum wage to $20 to $30 per hour. You’ll pay fees to have the site find work for you. If you treat clients well, many jobs can become regular ones.


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