How To Make Money Online By Someone Who Never Has

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2022)

A few days ago, my brother sent me an email asking if making a purchase on an infomercial web page (also known as a sales page) was worthwhile. These are where the pages scroll on and on forever. After looking at the page, I immediately realized it was not a good purchase. How could I have known? The Title: “How to Become a Millionaire Overnight.” When I read titles that contain phrases like these, I realize that the product is most likely a scam:

Adsense Riches

In reality, barely one percent of websites generate revenue through Google’s Adsense program. Google holds 99 percent of the one percent market share.

Passive Income Opportunities

Perhaps, but why would they sell their product if they didn’t need the money? People accidentally stumble across a company’s website and are not targeted for selling profit-generating businesses. If they did, it would reduce their prospective earnings, meaning they would make more money off of selling the ineffective system, product, or service than they would from using it themselves.

How To Make Mini-Sites

Mini sites never make more than $1 each week. To make a decent living off of them, you will need approximately 2,000 of them.

100+ Adsense Ready Web Sites

Duplicate content and websites with many keywords but not much actual content will get you penalized by Google.

Set And Forget

What should I put aside and forget? That I spent $97 on a non-functioning website or product? Because the web is constantly changing, everything that was established and then forgotten about a year ago is now obsolete.

Massive Amounts Of Laser-Directed Traffic

Not until you invest a significant amount of time and effort into organic search engine optimization, which requires a considerable amount of specialized knowledge, or you spend a substantial amount of money on pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Affiliate Programs That Pay Instant Money

Affiliate programs do not offer any opportunities for rapid monetary gain. Only the top twenty affiliate programs generate revenue for even the most committed affiliate marketing businesses, much alone individuals. Commission Junction is the source of the majority of those.

Killer Sales Copy

A skilled copywriter can bring in thousands of dollars every year. I am unaware of a single method to develop killer sales copy for a lower cost. It is pointless to duplicate successful sales copy.

Instantant Commissions

They mean, “Start immediately working every day from nine in the morning until ten at night to attract 10,000 people to visit your website for $500.” What an excellent deal! It is correct that 5% of $1 equals 5c multiplied by 10,000 visitors per month (if you are good), which equals $500 per month.

Paid Surveys

Sitting at a computer for a week may net you $200. Almost plenty to cover the cost of your electricity bill, broadband connection, and payments on your notebook.

Buying and Selling Domain Names

There are no longer any noteworthy domains left to buy. Large corporations often specialize in this practice and have given considerable thought to all of the possible domain names by this point. But let’s assume you’ve heard about a new movie that’s about to be launched, and it’s going to be called “conmeaffiliates.” If you purchase the domain name “,” you should know that it will have no value within a few months. If the movie is not a commercial success, the film’s producers will be the ones to profit from it, not you.

Make Over $3000 Per Week Doing Nothing

If there is nothing to do, there will be no opportunity to earn money. The one true golden rule, wouldn’t you say?

Become a Millionaire

Although I know no person who becomes a millionaire due to purchasing an ebook or signing up for an affiliate marketing program, a few such people may exist. People that make money show others how to make money by making them believe it’s possible. There have been millions of ebooks published, but only a handful of those have produced substantial money, and none of those individual ebooks have made millions of dollars. There have been some triumphs here and there, but only a few people have attempted to do it. You must investigate this claim.

The Enigma of The Secret, or Why Am I Revealing My Secrets?

There is no hidden information. You can find almost anything using Google.

Instant Niche WebSite

Every single conceivable market opportunity has already been exploited. The majority of the sub-niches have also been developed towards their full potential. It is challenging to compete with the most popular blogs. And even if you were interested in giving it a shot, there would be no instant gratification associated with doing so. You are going to have to put in much effort to develop content that is of high quality, or your blog will fail.

Conversions To The Bank

Bring your bank manager the statistics on your website’s traffic, and place a dollar symbol in front of each line. You won’t be given a loan right now.

Give Up Your Day Job

Yes, so that you can work all night, ignore your family, become addicted to getting traffic for your white elephant, and believe that you will make it.

Money Machine

If you are thinking about purchasing a so-called “money machine,” do some research to find out who has been successful with it. It can take about a minute and a half to complete your search. To some extent, creating a money machine calls for the skills of an exceptionally skilled programmer. You won’t survive if you don’t regularly build links, keep up with your competition, or add new features to your website.

Now Including Tracking from Google

Tracking is done at no cost. It was like this from the beginning, and it always will be. If an infomercial gives you tracking, you shouldn’t put too much stock in its statistics. Receive free tracking of your order.

Big Money Maker

A personal website cannot earn considerable cash unless the owner is a programmer, has a talent that can be sold as a service, or has something unique to offer, such as a blog. Making money using strategies such as “PPC-direct-to-affiliate-landing-pages,” which demand a truckload of cash, yields an average profit of about 8 percent. This result was obtained after producing tens of thousands of long-tail keywords. The price of serious software for keyword research will cost you roughly $20,000 USD. Affiliate programs can rapidly change their policies without providing you with a warning of an impending financial loss.

The Lazy Way!

Nothing is free. The reliability of the Infomercial Web Page as a “sales tool” cannot be guaranteed. Follow these six signals of influence to assess how much selling was involved in your purchase:

1. The age-old principle of giving and taking is often called reciprocity.

2. Commitment and Consistency, also known as the age-old “I’m Here to Help You.”

3. Social Proof, also known as the age-old recommendations made by other losers.

4. I like the vintage photo and signature, but the story about how he went from rags to riches is uninteresting.

5. Relying on authority or the tried-and-true “the doctor said” trick.

6. Scarcity is no such thing in a digital world of abundance.

A Graphic Display of the Shocking Earnings Statistics

When a web website for an infomercial displays a graphic of sales numbers, you can bet that the statistics are not accurate. If the individuals selling it to you are making money off it, then the product they are selling you is not profitable. If that weren’t the case, their attention would be on how they could benefit from the widget. Consider the ramifications of pressing the Back button in your browser if you come across the question “Do You Want Proof?” Followed by an earnings chart at any point in the future. What kind of evidence does a graphic constitute? Excel and Photoshop are both very accessible programs. Before making a purchase, I would demand that the vendor email me an exact copy of their bank statement and then observe the response I receive.

Special Limited Time Offer

Web pages that have been date stamped and display the current date likely contain a falsehood. The truth will be revealed if you return tomorrow. Be wary of pages that have date stamps that appear to be anywhere between three and six weeks ago. They, too, have the potential to be a con. It’s possible that the developer tweaked the JavaScript code to display today’s date with a few days or weeks subtracted from it. Ninety-nine point one percent of these things are digital, and for reasons that should be obvious, there is no time limit. Quick, only 193 of these remain before they are sold out! The vendor will almost certainly produce a new template for their outdated product and plaster it on top of the old one. After that, they alter some aspects of the design of the landing page, domain, or product name and repeatedly begin their search for fresh victims. This new template will not be any better than the prior one because templates are always very basic.

An Excessive Amount of Recommendations

Ninety-five percent of those recommendations come from affiliates of the Partner company, which means that other Partners that offer other trash are the source. In most cases, hipnotees comprise the remaining 5 percent of the population. The dead giveaway is the MASSIVE CENTERED UPPER CASE TITLE with HIGHLIGHTED BLACK AND RED EQUALLY HORRIBLE YELLOW BACKGROUND.

The Request For Your Email Address

It gets worse. If you proceed to page two, you are required to provide a stranger with your email address; you should immediately suspect that you are being taken advantage of. They are using the website as a hook for people to send emails. They are entirely uninterested in the product. They want your email address to send you offers via autoresponder. Their autoresponders are full of prescheduled email promotions and offers. They have established that your email address is valid and that you are using it if you opt-out of their email subscription service.

Fake Prizes Worth Hundreds of Dollars

All of the pictures on the website, including the one of the owner’s Ferrari, mansion, jet, and boat, as well as the cartoon of a man holding US dollars, are all lies. These so-called freebies are not even worth the paper they are printed on. There are thousands upon thousands to choose from. Affiliate marketers may obtain White Label Rights, allowing them to utilize their branding on low-quality ebooks. Affiliate marketers will also collaborate to share digital products on the websites of one other’s businesses.

Skyrocket Your Adsense

By using deceptive cloaking techniques, duplicate content, and other underhanded strategies? Even a highly skilled SEO will not be able to create traffic for a low-cost website. Hyper-targeted advertising efforts are essential to attract visitors to your site. If they guarantee you 5,000 or 10,000 visits daily, you may be sure they are lying to you. They can easily ping your site from a cloaked URL, making it appear as though you have received a visitor to your site.

The Adsense Code Has Been Cracked

Yes, Google did figure it out! Google is the only corporation that makes 99 percent of its income from the Adwords and Adsense Empire and is the only company that owns the code. Even the most popular social bookmarking sites would be worthless if it weren’t for the users who utilize them and save their bookmarks.

Your Very Own Google Adsense Empire Instantly

When running a business, including an online business, there is no “immediately.” The only people who benefit from Google’s Adsense program are those that put much effort into developing insightful and thorough web pages and sites. These high-profile blogs, content directories, and vertical forums can produce revenues for their owners. Sites that make enough money from Google Adsense to be viable will usually have:

• A ranking within the top 25.000 on the website

• Over 10 000 unique visitors every day > 30 000 page views.

• High-quality search engine optimization and broad quality inbound link networks.

• Function as social media hubs or portals with massive user databases.

• Be MP3, software download, or other digital media hubs.

• Add value to goods or services that are in demand.

• Be Google.

Brother, I would appreciate it if you could apply the principles I made above to every web-infomercial landing page you find. Alternately, if you want to be generous, you may just mail the $97 to me. You know I will never pay you back, but you will feel a lot better about the situation than if a stranger had taken advantage of you.

Regards and best wishes,

Your Brother.


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