How I Became an Elvis Impersonator as a Hobby

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2023)

When it comes to hobbies, people often think of things like painting, hiking, or playing an instrument. However, my hobby is a bit different. I am an Elvis impersonator. Yes, you read that right. I dress up like the King of Rock and Roll and perform his songs for audiences. It may seem like a strange hobby, but I have been doing it for years, bringing me much joy.

In this article, I’ll share my journey of how I became an Elvis impersonator and why it’s a hobby that anyone can enjoy. First, let’s talk about why I became an Elvis impersonator. I have always been a fan of Elvis Presley. I grew up listening to his music and was fascinated by his style and charisma. As I got older, I started watching his concerts on DVD and reading books about his life. I was captivated by how he commanded the stage and connected with his audience.

One day, I decided to attend an Elvis tribute concert. I had seen advertisements for them before but had never been to one. I was blown away by the performer’s talent and how much the audience enjoyed the show. As I watched, I realized I wanted to perform as Elvis upstage.

The first thing I did was start researching Elvis’s impersonation. I wanted to master the craft. I learned about how to dress like Elvis, how to make his signature moves, and how to sing like him. It was a lot of work, but I was determined to become the best Elvis impersonator I could be.

Next, I started practicing. I would spend hours in front of the mirror, practicing my moves and perfecting Elvis’s voice. I also began performing at small events, like family gatherings and local talent shows. These performances helped me gain confidence and hone my skills in front of a live audience.

As I continued to perform, my hobby started to gain attention. People started asking me to perform at their weddings and birthday parties. I even got hired to perform at a corporate event once. Seeing how much people enjoyed my performances and appreciated the effort I put into my craft was a fantastic feeling.

How many people do you know who dress up as Elvis and perform his songs? Why would anyone want to become an Elvis impersonator as a hobby? Well, there are a few reasons. First, it’s a fun and unique hobby. It’s a conversation starter and something that sets me apart from others.

Second, it’s a great way to express creativity. When I’m performing as Elvis, I get to channel his energy and charisma. I can be someone else for a while and let go of my inhibitions. It’s a freeing experience, allowing me to express myself in a way I couldn’t.

Finally, it’s a way to bring joy to others. When I perform as Elvis, I see how much people enjoy it. They sing along to the songs, dance in their seats, and clap after each song. It’s a great feeling to know that I can bring happiness to others through my hobby.

To become an Elvis impersonator, you should know a few things. First, it takes a lot of work. You need to be dedicated and willing to put in the time to learn and practice. Second, you must invest in equipment like a jumpsuit and wig. Finally, you need to be comfortable performing in front of others. This can be intimidating at first, but with practice and confidence, it gets easier.

Another thing to consider is that being an Elvis impersonator is more than just about looking and sounding like Elvis. It’s about embodying his spirit and energy. You have to make your audience feel like they’re watching the real Elvis. This means studying his stage presence and mannerisms and incorporating them into your performance.

It’s also important to remember that being an Elvis impersonator is about something other than trying to replace or compete with his legacy. It’s about paying tribute to him and keeping his music alive. As an Elvis impersonator, you are part of a community of fans who share a love for his music and his legacy.

In addition to performing, there are other ways to get involved in the Elvis community. You can attend Elvis festivals and conventions, join fan clubs, and even visit Graceland, Elvis’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. These experiences can be a great way to connect with other Elvis fans and learn more about his life and legacy.

In conclusion, becoming an Elvis impersonator as a hobby is a unique and rewarding experience. It requires dedication, practice, and a love for Elvis’s music and legacy. It may not be for everyone, but those who love it can enjoy expressing their creativity, making others happy, and paying tribute to the King of Rock & Roll. So if you’re feeling inspired, grab a jumpsuit and a microphone, and let your inner Elvis shine!


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