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India is home to hundreds of years of history and ancient civilizations. The country is also known for its one-of-a-kind handicrafts that display artistic brilliance. In India, you can find a wide range of handicrafts and hand-carved statues and sculptures dating back to ancient times.

Temples in South India, in particular, bear witness to the long and illustrious history of Indian handicrafts, with various hand-carved statues and sculptures depicting deities and other religious figures adorning their walls. These old temples’ exquisite statues and wall figures, particularly those in Chennai, Kerala, and Haryana, are a significant draw for visitors.

The centuries-old temples and other historical items demonstrate the artisans’ ability to create statues and sculptures for house decoration while also conveying the social life story of that historical period. For example, a religious god statue may be referred to as “Nartaki,” “Nataraj,” “Laxmi,” “Ganesh or Ganesha,” “Shiva and Parvati,” “Shri Krishna and Radha Ji,” or “Goutam Buddha.” Animal figurines such as galloping horses, roaring lions, tigers, and other species are also made.

Historically, the Kings of each kingdom were in charge of building temples and producing a variety of handicrafts. They inspired the artisans who carved the stone designs into the temple bodies. Most of the monuments they built are inspired by Hindu myths and legends. Nataraj is an excellent example. Shiva is depicted here in his Nataraj form. Shiva was known as the Destroyer in addition to being the architect of civilization. The traditions of this ancient culture inspire us to create statues and sculptures for use as home decorations.

We can confidently state that some form of artistic expression has always existed. In fact, the term “Art” can refer to a wide range of human endeavors. It is a method or medium for expressing feelings, natural aspects, and ways of life. Handcrafted figures and wall decorations can be found in ancient civilizations such as Nalanda, Mahenzodaro, and Harappa. During the ancient period, people used to carve various sculptural decorations from the stone walls surrounding their homes and temples.

Stone was the primary building material used to construct homes, temples, and everything else. Statues were sculptured to decorate the house, yard, and walls. Hindu gods and goddesses are depicted in many wall hangings and figures. Furthermore, we simply imitate the popular fashions during those rulers’ reigns.

There is also a long history behind the use of brass and bronze. The wall designs offer historians a wealth of exciting stories and solid evidence. These works of art also serve as a representation of those people’s cultures. To summarise, we can say that the history of handicrafts in India is ancient. The Taj Mahal itself is an even more impressive example of handicrafts. It is now considered one of the seven wonders of the world. As a result, it is easy to claim that Indian handicrafts have a long and illustrious history spanning several centuries.

Dhiman Chatterjee and Co. is a handicraft wholesale export business based in the Indian state of West Bengal. The statues, sculptures, wall hangings, and other home and garden decor items we wholesale from India’s centuries-old traditions serve as our inspiration. These pieces are made of brass, bronze, and stone.

We are working hard to ensure that these centuries-old customs are reflected in the handicrafts we make and that these culturally significant home additions are available to the rest of the world. To meet the demands of the new millennium, we produce western-style handicrafts. To give customers access to the most recent sculpture collection and what appear to be antique treasures. A few examples from our ancient Indian past include a Buddha statue, a dancing lady, and a Nataraj-style representation of the god Shiva.

We make many statues, sculptures, wall hangings, and chandeliers, most of which are used as ornaments in residential and commercial settings. We often use brass, bronze, and stone to create these handcrafted items; we occasionally give them an antique appearance. We primarily ship these handmade items worldwide at competitive prices and provide a replacement warranty on all our products. We can wholesale and retail all of these products from our base in India.

We have an extensive collection of statues and sculptures in Indian and western styles, beginning with goddess Laxmi, Shri Krishna, and Buddha. Figures of western and Indian women, abstract figures, statues of soldiers, a variety of animals, western and Indian lady figures, abstract figures, and various western sculptures. Because of our bulk manufacturing facility, we can offer our clients the most competitive prices for the items they purchase.

One of our primary concerns is our clients’ satisfaction in obtaining one-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles for use in office and residential interior decoration, and we make every effort to meet this requirement by offering them a comprehensive selection of art and craft products.

Our products are made in India and sold in retail and wholesale stores and fashion boutiques throughout the world’s fashion-conscious regions. Our customers range from the middle to upper classes and are interested in fashion. The collection includes a wide range of excellent wholesale statues in various styles.

Each statue and sculpture in our designer collections have a posh expression that highlights the intricate details and unique qualities. To appeal to the most affluent clientele, every figure and sculpture we create is perfectly finished and crafted from the highest-quality materials. We take great pride in providing exceptional service to our customers and attribute our success to the collection’s robust commercial side, which allows us to sell unique, individual sculptures and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

We want to introduce our products worldwide while highlighting India’s rich cultural traditions and ethnic diversity.

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