Blue Collar Comedy Tour (DVD) Review

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)
Blue Collar Comedy Tour (DVD) Review
Blue Collar Comedy Tour

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is the most “must-see” of all the comedies that are out there right now. Few comedians can appeal to a wide range of demographic groups, and because people have different tastes, it’s hard to find people who can entertain everyone.

But the Blue Collar Comedy Tour shows four great stand-up comedians. The stand-up routines are filmed in Phoenix, and there are also short pieces about each man’s adventures as he goes on his popular comedy tour across the country.

The story starts with all four men fishing in a lake. It’s incredible, but even their conversations are funny and entertaining. So, what can we expect when they get on stage? Only the best of a modern working man and redneck comedy.

Ron White, one of the rising stars of stand-up comedy, uses his drunken, sarcastic persona and loveable sarcasm to make one of the best comedy routines of the decade.

White tells the story of his 9-minute flight to Phoenix, which almost ended in disaster when the plane had to turn around because of a problem. But the event didn’t change White’s drunken attitude, and he tells the man next to him (who has something to live for, unlike White) that if one engine stops working, the other will take them right to where the crash happened. And to top it off, they’ll arrive thirty minutes before the paramedics.

Larry The Cable Guy, a redneck’s redneck who lives by the catchphrase “Get ‘r done!” is a big fan of White’s act. Larry, The Cable Guy, is funny for any American who loves apple pie. He talks in a redneck dialect that sounds like another language.

If you haven’t seen this guy’s act before, you should buy the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD just so you can see him (or, for that matter, any of these comics merit a full-length DVD by themselves). His audience gets a unique look at the world through the great conundrum of the dog dish water purifier (among other things). Why should he buy a water purifier for an animal that eats its waste?

Bill Engvall, a comedian who acts more like a well-spoken family man, starts the movie’s second half. When I was 10, I saw Bill for the first time on The Tonight Show. He did the best stand-up routine I’ve ever seen, and I still remember it word-for-word.

His catchphrase, “Here’s your sign,” was a big part of the act (referring to a “stupid sign” handed out to people who make dumb remarks). Like his friend Jeff Foxworthy, Engvall has been able to keep that tagline going and come up with a lot of funny new material. He’s just plain funny.

The last one-man act is by Jeff Foxworthy, who is probably the most well-known of the group because of his “you might be a redneck if…” jokes.

Foxworthy starts off with a standard routine that is really funny. This part of his career is often overlooked, but then he naturally moves into the part of the routine that people love to hear: the redneck jokes.

“If a beaver bites off your nipple, you might be a redneck” is another favorite line from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD. You must watch Blue Collar Comedy Tour, based on a true story, to understand how funny that one is.

But the funniest part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD is when all the comedians are done with their own acts and get together on stage to tell the audience personal stories.

Each story makes people laugh, and each comedian has his moments, but Ron White’s “tater salad” story steals this part of the show. White tells how he went from a small town in Texas to a life full of criminal aliases like “tater salad” and his fathering of a child named “tater tot.” He was arrested for being intoxicated in public but actually in a bar. You really have to see it to enjoy it.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD has a lot of funny people who are good at what they do. This comedy movie will surely be a classic for years, so don’t miss it.


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