Best Restaurants In Tel Aviv: A Foodie’s Dream

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2022)
Restaurants In Tel Aviv: Max Brenner Interior

It is always hard to find a good restaurant when someone is in a foreign place, city, or country. You can make this work easier for yourself. I can help you plan for a fancy dinner or a quick lunch. This post discusses the top six restaurants in the city based on customer reviews and ratings.

Birnbaum & Mendelbaum

Birnbaum & Mendelbaum is a small, cozy family restaurant with great homemade vegetarian food. Birnbaum is special because it has an “all you can eat” buffet. There are a lot of salads, appetizers, and main courses to choose from. Even cakes and other sweets can be tasted for an extra fee. At Birnbaum, you can have fun until your stomach is full!


At first glance, Onami looks like another of Tel Aviv’s many Japanese restaurants. However, when you enter the restaurant, you can sense its distinctive and prosperous atmosphere. Onami’s menu has a lot of Japanese specialties, like sake fish, rice noodles, and unique sushi. Onami tastes really good and is a bit more expensive than a sushi fast food shop, but it’s not very expensive.

Max Brenner

Max Brenner is the place to go if you love chocolate. You can find a menu at Max Brenner full of different chocolate treats. There’s everything a chocolate lover could want, from chocolate soup to a chocolate martini. Those who don’t like chocolate can eat other desserts or just a regular main dish.

El Gaucho

Even though El Gaucho is part of a chain, you shouldn’t take it for granted. El Gaucho is a steakhouse in Argentina that serves delicious grilled meat. All of the appetizers and side dishes have a tasty Argentinian twist. At El Gaucho, you can get anything from entrecote to asado.

Dr. Schakschuka

If you want to try Israeli specialties, Dr. Shakschuka is the place to go. There are chairs and tables under a big pavilion in a small, hidden area between a few buildings in the middle of an alley. The waiter will tell you about the day’s specials in Hebrew and English with an accent. Of course, some of these are couscous, shwarma, salads, and the shakschuka. Shakshuka is a dish made by boiling eggs in a spicy tomato sauce with different kinds of vegetables. Shakschuka goes well with salad and pita.


The restaurant Pascha is very profitable and not too expensive. Even though the menu isn’t very long, you can be happy with anything because the kitchen is so good. Every dish has its flavor, and every bite is pure joy. Even though the servings look small at first, the stomach quickly fills up. This time, the food is Turkish.


The best restaurants in Tel Aviv offer a variety of Israeli and international cuisines. They cater to all budgets and preferences and will satisfy even the most discriminating foodie. So, try one of these best Tel Aviv restaurants whether you want a fast nibble or a leisurely supper.


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