Best Commercial Tanning Beds

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2022)

Even today, people are still obsessed with attaining the “elegant glow” that Chanel gushed over to Vogue magazine. At the same time, tanning beds have become increasingly elaborate and complex. If you consider opening a tanning salon as an investment opportunity, you will need to acquire some commercial tanning beds. A tanning bed you keep in your home is not the same as a commercial tanning bed, and there are at least two distinct designs available.

What is a Commercial Tanning Bed?

A tanning unit that is intended to be able to resist the consistent demands that are placed on it by repeated use is referred to as a commercial tanning bed. In contrast to the ones used at home, these professional tanning beds will be utilized multiple times daily. In general, commercial tanning beds are more potent than home ones.

For instance, if a home tanning bed has the same number of lamps as a commercial one, for example, 24, the voltage may be lower in the home bed. In contrast to the home versions, which generally operate at 110 volts, tanning beds used in commercial settings often run at 220 volts.

Are there Different Types?

Two distinct varieties of tanning beds can be found in a business setting. During your tanning session, you will be lying down on a tanning bed similar to the ones most people are familiar with. The second type of commercial tanning bed is an upright device, commonly known as a stand-up commercial tanning bed.

During your tanning session, which lasts an average of 8 minutes, you will be able to stand thanks to the sort of unit that we are discussing here. This design also allows you to incorporate a dressing area, strip down and tan without leaving the unit.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Tanning Bed

If you ask any dermatologist what the most damaging thing you can do to your skin is, they will tell you that prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the answer. Tanning in the sun can harm your skin, but if you use a tanning bed in a salon, you can achieve the look of sun-kissed skin without putting your body in danger by exposing it to UV rays.

Using a tanning bed at a commercial establishment will save money and time. In contrast to lying out in the scorching heat of the sun for some hours, a single session on a professional tanning bed will only last between 8 and 15 minutes.

Each session’s length is determined by the total number of lights on the tanning bed and the total number of watts generated throughout each session. Therefore, developing skin that looks healthy and vibrant can be done swiftly around lunchtime or after work on the way home.

Is There a Warranty On a Commercial Tanning Bed?

A warranty is provided by the majority of manufacturers. A 90-day warranty on bulbs, parts and labor is typical in this industry. After then, you are covered for any manufacturing defects for an additional five years under the limited guarantee. Some manufacturers take care of extra expenses for the first six months of the warranty period, such as providing an extended labor-only warranty.

Is Financing Available For a Commercial Tanning Bed?

To answer your question, yes, there is financing available. Nearly every manufacturer offers a payment plan for their sunlamps and tanning beds. Most provide tenants with the choice to buy their lease after the term. You will only need to come up with a first security payment, which is typically a minimal price, making it an excellent choice. At the end of the lease, you can buy the commercial tanning bed for $1, which will be your last payment.

The Best Tanning Beds

The most recent lighting technology is used to construct the finest healthy sun tanning beds. This technology makes it more likely that you will obtain a uniform tan and reduces the likelihood that you may suffer burns by accident.

I compiled a list of the best tanning beds and separated them into three categories: tanning beds for use in the home, tanning beds for use in gyms, and commercial tanning beds. If you are the proprietor of a salon or other facility and seek the best commercial tanning bed, or if you are a home user who wants to install a sun tanning bed at home, you will discover the best option for your needs on my list.

Top Three Residential Tanning Beds

1. Solar Storm 32S

The Solar Storm 32-lamp 110-volt tanning bed is widely regarded as one of the most effective tanning beds. This home-inspired model was designed for comfort and longevity and comes with an outstanding warranty from the manufacturer.

This is the model for you if you want a fantastic tan without having to leave the house. To provide you with a bronzed and even tan that penetrates all of the crevices and contours of your body, the Solar Storm tanning bed is equipped with 16 SunFusion face and arm lamps as well as 16 high-output Wolff lamps.

The Solar Storm can be purchased in silver, red, or black and manufactured in the United States. Remarkably energy-saving, it is outfitted with High-gloss aluminum reflectors and Fulham electronic ballasts, the latter of which consumes forty percent less power than conventional ballasts. It can be plugged into any regular 110v household socket. The average price at retail is $2,499.

2. Avalon 24

The Avalon 24 is a luxurious sun tanning bed for the house that was developed to ensure complete comfort from head to toe. Because it has 24 tanning lights and a power output of 2400 watts, it can do the work in 15 minutes and assist you in keeping a gorgeous tan throughout the year. This model uses ESB Green Energy Technology, making it highly cost-effective. The bulbs in this model have a life expectancy of 1000 hours, making it possible to get a tan for that long.

Sunergy® tanning lamps, which are only available at the Avalon, are not available at any other tanning salon. They offer two different levels of tanning power, each of which promises a tan that is deeper and darker. There are eight Swirl Arm Reflector Lamps, eight Select Body Reflector Lamps, and eight Swirl Facial Reflector Lamps. Every lamp features an integrated reflector that provides up to fifty percent more tanning power than comparable products on the market.

If you are concerned about your protection, the Avalon 24 has you taken care of. Not only does it have a timer that is built in to let you know when your session is over, but it also has a backup safety timer in case the first one malfunctions. Those individuals with a history of dozing off while sunbathing will appreciate the added sense of security that this affords them. The average price at retail is $2,699.

3. ESB Galaxy 18

The tanning time is 20 minutes every session, which is significantly longer than average because it only has 18 bulbs. Those looking for a tanning bed model available at a low cost may find that waiting an additional five minutes is well worth it. The Galaxy 18 is one of the most popular beds currently available, and it can provide you with the at-home tanning experience you’ve been searching for without causing a significant dent in your money account.

It was manufactured to the exacting standards of ESB and comes with a one-year warranty on parts and a five-year warranty on structural metal components. It has the appearance of a commercial tanning bed and is equipped with ten canopy lamps above and eight bench lamps, resulting in a total power output of 1800 watts. Apollo lamps, designed to last 1,000 hours, are installed in the bed.

This bed, designed in the form of a capsule and features a beautiful black pearl and silver trim, will look right at home in most homes, and it can be plugged into any standard 120-volt household receptacle. The Galaxy 18 is ESB Green Energy Approved, in addition to being comfy and silent. The average price at retail is $1,850.

Top Three Gym Tanning Beds

Sun tanning beds used in gyms need to be constructed of durable materials. They are put through a significant amount of use each and every day. Given the number of individuals who use the former, it is reasonable that a tanning bed in a gym would cost more than one in a residential setting. However, this is not always the case. Here are my top picks for gym tanning beds:

1. ProSun Onyx 32 SLi

A tanning bed of level three commercial quality, the ProSun Onyx 32 SLi is an excellent choice for use in health clubs, beauty parlors, hotels, and apartment complexes. You can select from various models that may be tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements, and it is built to withstand repeated uses.

Tanning is a terrific additional service you can provide for your consumers if you are searching for a way to expand upon the services you already offer. The Onyx is highly cost-effective for a commercial bed, and its dimensions (84 inches in length and 35.5 inches in width) make it possible to place it in establishments where space is at a premium, to begin with.

In addition to this unit’s cooling body fan, it also comes equipped with T-max integration, which enables your clients to begin their session as soon as they are inside the unit. Your clients will like both of these features. Nevertheless, the company might continue to keep the control timer at the front desk to monitor the exposure time whenever it is required to do so. The average price at retail is $5,399.

2. Solar Storm 32

The Solar Storm 32-lamp commercial sun tanning bed, virtually identical to the Solar Storm sun tanning bed sold for use in residential settings, is outfitted with the same high-quality components that have made the brand famous. These components include eight Sunfusion face lamps, eight Sunfusion face and arm lamps, and 16 Wolff high-output lamps.

The fact that this model is compatible with the T-Max system and hence can be controlled from the lobby helps it stand out from the competition. Additionally, the power of the unit has been increased. You can’t just plug it in; for this job, you’ll need an electrician who is qualified in the field.

The Solar Storm commercial may be outfitted with either normal lamps, which provide a tan that lasts for 20 minutes, or enhanced lights, which provide a tan that lasts 15 minutes. It comes with a warranty that covers the frame for life and a warranty that covers the parts for three years. The average price at retail is $3,400.

3. Sunfire Pro 32

A tanning bed like the SunFire Pro 32 Deluxe can be added to your gym or fitness center at a price that is affordable to most people. It is created with an acrylic removal system that is simple to clean, making it very simple to care for. In addition, it has adjustable spring lifts and electronic ballasts that are more energy efficient, both of which can help keep your overhead expenditures to a minimum.

Your consumers will adore its fashionable tunnel design, turbo cooling technology, and user-friendly timer, all of which are housed within a base with attractive accents. If necessary, you can control the session from the front desk thanks to the timer’s compatibility with Tmax.

The timer on the Sunfire Pro 32 deluxe is set for 14 minutes, but it won’t save you a whole lot of time by doing so. Clients can unwind while listening to their preferred music or podcasts on the built-in audio system included with the unit. The average price at retail is $3,495.

Top Three Commercial Tanning Beds

My last three recommendations are sun tanning equipment designed for business use. These tanning beds are at the very top of the industry’s standards regarding comfort and convenience. Although they can be installed in your home, most customers buy one of these models for use in salons where long-term dependability and customer satisfaction are critical. There is an extensive range of prices available, and in most instances, you will need to make inquiries with many wholesalers to find the best deal. The following are my top picks:

1. SilverBullet SE

Tan in style with the SilverBullet SE, a luxurious commercial tanning bed designed for those who will accept nothing less than the best. Although it is possible to set up a SilverBullet at home, these sun tanning machines are intended for use in high-end spas and hotels, which is evident in the attention to detail given to their design.

This model is equipped with a total of 49 lamps, amenities such as facial lamps that can be adjusted, an integrated music system that includes an MP3 port, a control panel with a soft-touch surface, a self-contained air conditioning system, and more.

If you start to feel too heated, you can activate the MistyBreeze cooling system, which will begin to spray you with a calming mist at the push of a button. In addition, you will be kept comfortable by a double-cooled acrylic lounge and full-body and upper-body fan controls. This machine weighs 1100 pounds and is durable; it will survive many years. The final price may differ from the average retail price.

2. iBed Swing

The iBed Swing Commercial Tanning Machine gets its name from the innovative Swing System Lamps and the device. They move about slowly within the unit’s canopy, removing shadows and hot spots and ensuring that consumers receive the most natural-looking tan possible.

This magnificent masterpiece has many amenities, such as MP3 ports, air conditioning, aromatherapy, floor and handle lights, Misty Breeze, PowerSpot shoulder and neck tanners, and many more.

Although the iBed is not regarded as a low-cost sun tanner, its cutting-edge features and the dramatic impression it projects will compel your customers to return for session after session of tanning. It is prepared to work with wireless connections, and a T-Max Plug & Go Module is available as an accessory that may be added on if desired. The final price may differ from the average retail price.

3. Lotus

The Lotus Commercial Tanning Bed is an exceptional device with a design that is both aesthetically beautiful and wholly up to date. It is designed to resist repeated usage yearly and comes with choke ballasts and hinged acrylics, making it simple for business owners to perform maintenance on it. Additionally, it is built to withstand prolonged use.

The Lotus has outstanding cutting-edge features, like an elliptically designed spring-lift canopy, multi-speed full-body cooling, adjustable facial lamps, floor illumination, an onboard amplifier, an MP3 Jack in the built-in speakers, and a lot more besides.

Compared to the other two commercial sun tanning beds on my list, this device, which weighs 1,000 pounds, is slightly lighter. It features a remote-ready 12-minute timer, and owners of commercial establishments can purchase a T-Max Plug & Go Module to manage the device from the lobby of their establishment. The final price may differ from the average retail price.


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