Back to School: Bus Safety Tips

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2022)

From early August through most of September, schools all over the country start to welcome students back from summer break. The following suggestions will help keep students safe, whether you are a parent, a child, a school administrator, a driver, or a concerned citizen.

1. Bus Stop. The bus stop for your child should be in a well-lit area that is easy to get to and away from traffic. If it isn’t, talk to the school’s administration about moving the stop. You might need to speak to the school board instead in some cases. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, make sure the stop is clear of snow, ice, and other debris.

2. Clothing. Children should wear clothes of bright colors, especially if they are waiting for the bus early or late. Put removable reflective tape on their hats and coats, and other outerwear.

3. Boarding. Teach your kids that they can only get on the school bus when it has completely stopped, and the door is open. Children should line up in a single file as they wait to get in.

4. Seating. Almost all school buses have seatbelts, but not all seats are strong enough to withstand the force of an accident. Teach your kids to sit down and face forwards at all times. Study the different ways to brace yourself to be ready in an accident. Learn other ways to get out, like how to use the emergency door or window.

5. Exiting. Tell your children to always stay away from the back wheels of the bus. When kids get off the bus, they have to move far away from the vehicle so the driver can see that they are out of the way of traffic and away from the bus.

6. Awareness. Schools across the nation start welcoming students back from their summer break at the beginning of August and continue doing so for most of the month of September. The following advice can be helpful whether you are a parent, a child, a school administrator, a motorist, or a concerned citizen in the United States.

Accidents involving school buses claim the lives of or cause injuries to children yearly. Many people lose their lives when their bus is involved in a collision with another vehicle; nevertheless, others lose their lives or are injured when they fail to vacate the area around the bus and are hit by oncoming traffic.

Teach your kids to be aware of other people and cars around them. Your child can be protected from potential dangers if you teach them about them, and if the rest of us follow the traffic laws, school bus safety will be improved. Let’s make sure that nobody gets hurt during this school year.

Don’t assume that drivers will stop for them or even see them. If kids need to cross the street, they should only do so if the driver shows them how. Make them look both ways every time they cross the road until they are safe on the other side.

Every year, accidents involving school buses kill or hurt kids. Many people die when their bus crashes into another car, and others die or get hurt when they don’t clear the area around the bus or get hit by oncoming traffic. You can keep your child safe by teaching them about possible dangers. The rest of us can prioritize school bus safety by following the road rules.


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