Applying For Work In the UK

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2022)

You may be required to complete a job application form if you want to work in the United Kingdom. This is true whether you’re a UK resident or an international immigrant.

What is the main difference between a curriculum vitae and an application form? When you are creating your curriculum vitae (CV), you have the option of choosing the format, as well as, more crucially, the information to include and omit. For instance, if you have been employed for more than ten years, it is common practice to include only the most recent ten years of experience on a CV.

If you’ve changed careers, simply provide relevant experience and training. On the other hand, a job application form requires that every applicant detail their previous professional and educational experiences to ensure everyone has the same access to chances.

You are going to be asked to provide an explanation of why you are qualified for the position in the instructions that are located at the very top of this page. In addition to that, the majority of the time, you will be required to fill out a substantial blank piece of paper that is sometimes referred to as the supporting statement. Put another way, you need to develop a well-detailed piece of writing in which you sell yourself to the company. This creates stress in many applicants, and sadly, the formula for writing anything like this is not taught in school or university.

First and foremost, make sure you thoroughly read over all of the directions. Some businesses will want you to organize the information in a specific manner, such as by using certain headings, while others will let you choose the structure you want to use for the document. On the other hand, there is a tried-and-true method for writing the supporting statement. You need to read this thoroughly and ensure that you adhere to every one of the instructions provided.

If the latter applies to you, the job description is the document you should use as your guide. Create a short text for each criterion to demonstrate your experience. Instead of simply asserting that you have outstanding communication abilities, you should provide examples wherever possible. To the extent it is possible, utilize numbers to highlight your accomplishments. For instance, you could say, “raised sales by 25 percent in my first month.” To give your application more of a jolt, include some bullet points and verbs that are forceful and dynamic.

First, write your supporting statement on a different sheet. Be sure to edit and proofread the work; if you are satisfied with it, write it out on a photocopy of the original to check and see if it will fit. If you cannot condense your statement into a shorter form and the additional information is essential to the application, you may be granted permission to submit an additional sheet in certain circumstances. But only if necessary.

If you find that you just have a few lines left over, you should go back and remove anything that is not necessary. Remember that potential employers are extremely busy people who do not want to read pages upon pages of information unless it is highly pertinent. Your mission is to convince them, in as few words as possible, that you are qualified for the position and that they should invite you for an interview if you are among the candidates they choose to talk to.


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