America’s Golden Age of Horses

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2022)

Increasing numbers of Americans understand what it means to “ride off into the sunset” It would appear that horses are more well-liked than ever, with films such as “Seabiscuit” and “Hidalgo” topping the box office charts. However, this trend is not limited to Hollywood.

As more people become aware of the fascinating world of horses, the trend is quickly becoming widespread across the country. The number of individuals participating in equestrian competitions has reached an all-time high. There are about 2 million horse owners in the United States, and millions more people have the desire to become horse owners.

In fact, the results of a recent survey indicated that three out of every five persons would be pleased to receive a horse as a present. In addition, the vast majority of people are enthusiastic about the prospect of going horse racing, rodeoing, and horseback riding while they are on vacation.

It’s no surprise that as horse racing’s popularity grows, more Americans are interested in it. People are going on holidays at dude ranches, going on pleasant trail rides to de-stress after work, skipping gym workouts to accomplish fitness routines on horseback, and even employing horses to teach kids responsibility and confidence.

And, perhaps most critically, people are finding alternatives that are within their price range. According to Bill Brewer, executive vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association, “contrary to popular belief, getting involved is simpler and less expensive.” “The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) can connect people with horses regardless of their level of interest in horses, age, or income level because of our countrywide network of expert riders. It’s one of our strengths and areas of expertise.”

Leasing, time-sharing, vacationing at a ranch, and riding lessons were some of the other cost-effective choices that Brewer suggested for people who want to enjoy horses but don’t want the responsibility of ownership. He stated that “with these reasonable possibilities, there has never been a better time to get started” and that “there has never been a better moment to get started.”

By selling a gift package for the low price of $30, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is making engagement simpler for people. The package includes an American Quarter Horse book, a Breyer model horse, and a voucher good for one free riding lesson with a qualified local instructor in your area.

“This is a simple way to grant a horse’s wish,” said Brewer. “I hope one day I will own a horse.” “Taking a lesson on a dependable breed like the American Quarter Horse, which we call the “golden retriever of the horse world,” the author writes, “is a fun and safe way to be introduced to the delight of a life spent with horses.”


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