Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Review

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2022)

Amazon Echo is growing. From tiny speakers to huge displays, there’s something for everyone. The Echo Dot is Amazon’s smallest, most cheap smart speaker you’d want to use.

In some ways, it’s a smaller counterpart of its sibling. There are tradeoffs with the size reduction, but they’re not as awful as they seem. The Echo Dot has a feature the larger one lacks. The fourth-generation Echo Dot is out. Amazon’s 4th-generation Echo Dot is available through Amazon and Best Buy. The standard edition costs $50.

For $10 more, you can get the Echo Dot with Clock, which adds an LED clock, or the Kids Edition, which includes Amazon Kids content and a two-year guarantee. Amazon Echo Dot discounts are the best time to buy. Prime Day and Black Friday are the largest, but Amazon has periodic sales throughout the year with substantial discounts.

The previous Echo Dot appeared sliced. A hockey puck and a big(ish) cylinder. Amazon’s 4th Gen design emphasizes families. The Echo Dot is a little spherical. The top-mounted controls and 3.5mm jack are the same. Echo Dot only has audio output, not input. The base also has LED ring illumination. Echo Dot comes in charcoal, blue, and white. I think the white one looks better in most rooms in the house. The blue isn’t as lovely as the renders suggest.

Echo Dot lacks one significant functionality compared to the larger device. All your smart home devices must operate through Alexa because there’s no Zigbee hub. Does that matter, given the Echo Dot’s size and price? True. Zigbee is a feature you’re more likely to seek out than use accidentally.

Echo Dot’s audio makes it a great alarm clock. You need to instruct Alexa to wake you up with music at your selected time. It’s the same speaker with a time-displaying LED display. I’ve asked Alexa the time countless times. Not anymore. You’ll notice a period following the time if you set the alarm. Tap the Echo Dot’s top to snooze an alarm, but “Alexa, stop!” will cancel it.

Amazon’s Kids Edition is a child-friendly version of its first-party devices. Amazon Kids and third-party skills are available on any Echo, but they don’t look like tigers or pandas. Parents will appreciate the ironclad warranty. Amazon will repair any damaged Echo Dot Kids Editions.

Setup is easy. Amazon has done a fantastic job here, and its simplicity is almost Apple-like. Plug it in and launch the Alexa app on your phone to begin setup. If you buy from Amazon directly, the process takes only a few moments and is a breeze.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) is surprisingly loud. The volume is impressive for something so small, there’s no distortion, and it can fill smaller rooms with music. The extra volume improves music quality despite having the same-sized speaker as the previous Echo Dot. The Echo Dot has one driver, but it’s powerful.

The Echo Dot only has a front-firing sound, so position it carefully. Overall, the Echo Dot sounds great. Warm sound and a surprising amount of bass. Pairing with the Echo Sub is optional. You can also buy two to create a cheap, powerful stereo pair. Especially when paired with a Fire TV for multiroom audio.

Echo microphones are crucial. The Echo Dot includes four to assist in isolating your voice from surrounding noise. They’re effective. Alexa can hear me above two under-8-year-olds making childlike noises. Her range is superb. I can activate my Echo Dot from 20 feet and a solid wall away without shouting.

Amazon Echo Dot has several benefits (4th Gen). First, it’s cheaper than the standard model. Here’s a smaller, cheaper Amazon Echo if you like the idea. Except for the Zigbee hub, they’re functionally identical. The Echo Dot is the most excellent method to get a hands-free smart home. Alexa has always been the show’s star. Amazon has improved the smart speaker over the years, but the voice assistant makes it remarkable.

Using your voice or routines to control the Echo Dot is simple and powerful. Alexa can wake you up, open your curtains, turn on your heating, play your favorite radio station, and start your coffee maker. Imagine anything. Alexa is compatible with countless third-party services. Get this device if you’ve never had an Amazon Echo or want to start small with a smart home. 

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