24: A Critic’s Review Worth Seeing

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2022)

24: A Critic’s Review Worth Seeing

24 Season 1 

The first episode of 24 aired in November 2001, and it didn’t take long for it to become one of the best shows on TV and a cult classic icon. Using a unique idea, each season of 24 shows one day in the characters’ lives, with each of the 24 episodes representing an hour of that day.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the role of Jack Bauer, a government agent who sometimes has to deal with huge problems in just one day. Each season is like a fast-paced Hollywood action movie, but it’s just another day for the heroic Bauer…

Season 1 takes place in Los Angeles during the California presidential primary. CIA agent Jack Bauer and his coworkers find a plan to kill leading candidate David Palmer.

Jack has only 24 hours to find out who the determined killer is. If he wants to stop the plan, he has to race against the clock. At the same time, Jack’s marriage is falling apart, and his rebellious teenage daughter has gone missing. 

Will Jack be able to help the man who might become president? Can he do that and keep his family together? Time is running out…

On the 24 DVD, there are several amazing episodes, including the first episode of the season, which sets up the show and the season. Jack plays chess with his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) before getting a call from Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke), his coworker at the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit, telling him to come in for an emergency meeting.

Jack and his wife, Teri (Leslie Hope), find out that Kim left the house while they were on the phone… When Jack gets to headquarters, he finds out there is a plan to kill Senator David Palmer, the first serious African-American candidate for president…

In Episode 8, Nina and Tony discover who the mole is and who is working for Gaines. In Episode 23, terrorists threaten to kill Kim unless Jack does what they want. 

24 Season 2 

Season 2 takes place eighteen months after Jack’s big day in Los Angeles. Jack is now dealing with his wife’s death and is estranged from his daughter Kim. As a result, he contemplates retirement. But when President Palmer requests help, Jack agrees to take on a new assignment.

In so doing, Jack learns that a Middle-Eastern terrorist group called Second Wave will detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles in the next 24 hours. Yet again, the clock is ticking, and yet again, only Jack Bauer stands in the way of an evil conspiracy reaching its final fruition…

The 24 (Season 2) DVD features several breathtaking episodes, including the season premiere, which begins with President Palmer and his son fishing in an Oregon lake when he’s called away for an emergency. He is led underground and learns of a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon in the Los Angeles area within the next 24 hours. 

At the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Unit, George Mason is ordered to contact Jack Bauer concerning the case, but it takes the personal appeal of President Palmer to move Jack into action. Meanwhile, Kim, working as a housekeeper/nanny, overhears a domestic dispute between her boss and his wife, and she locks herself and the man’s daughter in a bedroom.

As the episode concludes, Jack learns that the key to uncovering the whereabouts of the nuclear device may lie with a domestic terrorist organization he once infiltrated…

Other notable episodes from Season 2 include (#31), in which Jack and Nina set up a sting to see if a contact can lead them to the site of the bomb, and (#46), in which Jack stands on the verge of making a break in the case but has his efforts thwarted by the president’s ex-wife, who’s involved in the terrorist conspiracy…

24 Season 3

The third season starts almost three years after Jack stopped a terrorist plot to nuke Los Angeles. Ramon Salazar, a mighty drug kingpin, was recently caught and put in jail thanks to Jack’s work, but the Salazar case is far from over.

Ramon’s brother calls the federal government and says he will release a deadly virus on the American people if his brother is not released immediately. Again, Jack has 24 hours to find the terrorists.

Will he make it? Or will a lot of people who are not guilty die?

There are many excellent episodes on the 24 (Season 3) DVD, such as the first episode of the season, where a dead body is dumped outside a Los Angeles hospital.

The Counter Terrorism Unit quickly discovers that the body is infected with a deadly virus. This is a clear sign of blackmail when the unit finds out that the virus will be released into the wild if drug lord Ramon Salazar is not let out of prison.

In the meantime, President Palmer is getting ready for a presidential debate with his brother, chief of staff, his doctor, and his girlfriend. Kim, who now works at CTU with Jack, has been secretly dating Chase Edmunds, her father’s partner.

Other important episodes from Season 3 include #53, where Jack is taken hostage during an inmate riot while trying to break Ramon out of prison, and #71, where Jack is about to find out where the deadly vials are hidden. 


24 is an action-packed show with gripping storylines, plenty of drama and suspense, and a unique real-time concept. An enjoyable movie that is perfect for a night in with friends. 

The quality of the acting, directing, and production value make it one of the most successful TV shows in history.

The visuals and soundtrack are beautifully crafted, making it easy to get lost in the story. The well-developed characters provide plenty of depth and emotion to the plot. 

Fans of action and drama won’t be disappointed with 24; it’s an essential must-have for any DVD collection. Watching from start to finish will leave new viewers in awe as they experience this thrilling series’s full intensity and complexity.


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